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Tough night: Frida Manum and the other Norwegian women had to watch the joy of Brazil scoring goals over and over again.

ULLEVAAL (VG) (Norway – Brazil 1-4) Norway got a run for its money when Hege Riise’s national team began preparations for next year’s World Cup against Brazil.


after summer EC . failed As for the Norwegian women, national team manager Heiji Reyes explained that they They want a stronger resistance Towards the water cycle in Australia and New Zealand in the summer of 2023.

– I think we get exactly what we want – a reference on a higher level than we have. We have to feel it. However, I wish we were better defensively, some goals come because they don’t hesitate to achieve them. We’re going to be a little too kind, national team manager Heigh Reese told VG.

Why is it important to have these references?

– If we only get it in the tournament, we have no way of knowing what lies ahead. We will increase our knowledge of what is needed. Then she adds that we have to play against those who are better than us.

The match began with a special international match against Brazil – ranked ninth in the world rankings – on Friday evening, with Norway finding it difficult on the field.

This summer’s Copa America champions dominated from the start and didn’t give up until the score was 4-1.

– This is a tough match, commented NRK expert Karl-Erik Torbe after the Brazilians’ fourth goal.

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– We’ll see where the list is. We have to get up and get up there,” says national team player Tova Hansen.

For centre-back Marin Meldy, it was a tough night in defence.

– She’s not a pretty character, but we’re punished severely. We have to realize that we are facing a better opponent today, and so it is important that we have such experiences. It’s a team we’re not used to, they’re technically good and one-on-one. We need to get references on where to list, because we asked to face better opponents, she says.

– We need it to take new steps. You can take her home and train, says fellow Chelsea guru Ritten.

Especially in the short first quarter, there was tremendous pressure from South America, but Norway managed to weather the storm.

Brazil kept the pressure, but Norway’s newcomer Snefa Skoglund kept her power in masterful fashion until she fell just before halftime.

Beatrice Zanaretto hands the ball into the Norwegian penalty area before perfectly returning it to Adriana. The winger, who currently plays for Corinthians in his homeland, placed the ball safely in the left corner.

Immediately after the break, Beatrice did everything herself. The attacker made her way over half of Norway before she was able to shoot without pressure as she approached the penalty area. The ball went into the far corner, and Brazil could cheer 2-0.

Norway then had the advantage of creating an opportunity for goals, but Reiss’ women soon hit back.

A corner kick from Guru Ritten lifted towards substitute Mathilde Hauge Harviken. The ball passed from her duel to the legs of Celine Bizet Ildhusoy, who scored her fifth goal with the national team.

Norwegian Jubilee: Celine Bizet Ildhaus celebrates after his reduction.

However, it will not be long before Brazil increases its lead again. After fumbling and fumbling for a corner kick, Beatrice managed to free herself and hit the ball into the roof of the net. In doing so, she scored her second goal in five minutes, and her third goal point overall.

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Learning has been difficult, the Tottenham player tells NRK.

After a loud opening in the second half, the rhythm gradually calmed down, and the Brazilian national team was the ruling team. Just over fifteen minutes later, the visitors’ fourth goal came on the evening of October.

After constant pressure, Jacqueline got the ball in the back and scored 4-1.

– A match we didn’t control, says Captain Marine McGildy.

Not performing well enough against a better team, she adds and points out that Brazil is not the best team in the world.

Thus, Norway’s worst loss to Brazil ended. Norway also lost 1-4 in the 2003 World Cup. Then both the current national team manager Heiji Reyes and his assistant Monica Knudsen were on the field.

On Tuesday, Reis’s march toward the World Cup continues as the Netherlands awaits. The last time they met the Dutch was in June 2021 with a 0-7 loss, then under Martin Sjogren.

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