June 8, 2023


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Markus and Martinus are shown before the cup match against Bodø/Glimt – NRK Nordland

When Bodo/Glimt play a match, it is usually the stars of Norway’s best team who feel pressure from the media.

At least when Bodøværings face little-known opposition in the first round of the cup

However, that is not the case when Third Division side Mosjøen host IL on Thursday.

Helgeland has two players, Marcus Gunnarsen and Martinus Gunnarsen.

Known simply as Marcus and Martinus, or M&M, the couple are major pop icons, having won the junior Melodi Grand Prix in 2012 and, among other things, the Spellemannprisen in 2017.

VG Today writes that the duo has also written pop history. “Elektrisk” is the first song in Norwegian to reach over 100 million plays on Spotify.

Markus Gunnarsen is a dangerous winger for Musween. Today he trained with the first team ahead of Thursday’s cup match against Bodo/Glimt.

Photo: Ole-Christian Olsen/NRK

– Unavailable

But now the two are trying to focus on football. But it is required in this regard as well.

There were so many media inquiries ahead of the game against Glimt that even the 21-year-old decided enough was enough.

They are now immune from everyone before the match.

There was a mess in the media about the boys before the game against Glimt, so we decided on the team that Marcus and Martinus were not available for interviews before the game against Bodo/Glimt. Then we do the same for everyone, and hope for understanding.

This is what the twins’ father, Kjell-Erik Gunnarsen, says.

NRK was in training today, and the two brothers were running.

Martinus Gunnarsen trains with Mosjøen.

Martinus Gunnarsen is famous as an artist, but he can also play football.

Photo: Ole-Christian Olsen/NRK

The 21-year-olds from Grane in Helgeland can do more than just dance and sing.

Marcus actually scored 22 goals in 18 appearances for Mosjøen in the fourth tier last year, and has been very involved with the team’s progression.

Martinhos doesn’t have any goals, but he also has a more defensive role in the team.

Mosjøen has so far gotten off to a good start in the third tier, Division 5. The Helgelenders are firmly in sixth place with 10 points, just out of the relegation battle.

Arch-rivals Rana FK are two places ahead and two points ahead. Nardo leads the division with 18 points out of a possible 18.

ready to party

At Mosjøen, they’re at least ready to party.

Mosjøen Fotball manager Mona Birling says more than 900 tickets have already been sold.

– But we hope more will come, she tells NRK.

The spectator record at Kippermoen Stadium is said to be as high as 5,000. It dates back to when the MIL junior team met Moss in the cup final in 1983.

Burling would like to see this record broken.

– It could be funny. At least we are ready for the folk festival.

The chance of advancement is probably small anyway. Nor does history speak in favor of Mosjøen. The two teams have met four times in the cup. Glimt won every time.

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