Casper Rudd, Steroids | Rudd’s actions disgusted the Swedish experts: – Reprehensible

Casper Rudd, Steroids |  Rudd’s actions disgusted the Swedish experts: – Reprehensible

At the start of the week, news broke that leading Swedish tennis player, Mikael Ymir, would be banned for 18 months for violating doping regulations.

The Swede was banned because he allegedly missed three doping controls in a row, not because he was caught using illegal substances.

Afterwards, Casper Rudd gave Ymer his support, and said that it is not always easy to show up on time for doping tests.

Sometimes you may feel like a prisoner. Rudd said after the doping ruling: If you didn’t show up exactly when you were supposed to go to the tests, you’re in trouble.

It doesn’t sit well with Swedish Discovery and C-More experts Tommy Ostrom and Lasse Granqvist.

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Rod checked as well

– sinner

Swedish expert Tommy Oström attacks Rudd in the Swedish podcast “Sportshuset”.

This multi-millionaire, with a staff, finds it hard to get his calendar in order. It’s frowned upon, says Ostrom on the podcast, and continues:

– If I had a litter box, Casper Road would end up there. How does he know that Ymir did not deliberately avoid these tests?

Oström mainly works with ice hockey, soccer and athletics, but here he uses the opportunity to make a statement about Ruud after Ymer’s ban became a huge talking point in Sweden.

– Everyone in the game is a professional, and that’s part of their job. Many of them are millionaires. They simply have to follow the existing rules. What Casper Rudd is doing here is embarrassing.

Nettavisen contacted Casper Ruud’s manager, Tina Falster, but she did not respond to our inquiry.

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Get support from colleagues

It is supported by C More Profile Lasse Granqvist:

– Casper, we can meet at Karl Johan’s and talk about this. It is a condition of the competition that it adhere to the regulations. If you can’t handle it, you can’t participate in the competition.

– The basic premise is that the federation should protect the players. That sucks, Casper. distasteful reason

Casper Ruud is currently playing the ATP Championships in Båstad, Sweden.

Earlier on Thursday, he defeated Alexander Shevchenko in straight sets and advanced to the third round, where he will meet Austrian Sebastian Offner.

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