Verstappen most popular among Formula 1 fans – VG

Verstappen most popular among Formula 1 fans - VG
Popularity: Max Verstappen waves to the crowd during the Grand Prix of Turkey.

The Red Bull boss says Max Verstappen (24) was disappointed by claims he made a calculated decision when he collided with Lewis Hamilton (36) at Monza. On the other hand, the Dutchman can enjoy being the most popular driver in Formula 1.


that it daily Mail Which revealed on Thursday that a major new survey by Formula 1 has concluded that Max Verstappen – perhaps surprisingly in part – is the most popular driver in the super sports car class.

World Cup gold contender Lewis Hamilton must finish third behind McLaren’s Lando Norris.

– It’s quite surprising considering that Hamilton has seven World Cup titles, Verstappen does not have World Cup gold – and Lando Norris hasn’t won a single race yet, a source tells the newspaper.

It is said that the survey was all over the world.

Hamilton and Verstappen were involved in a very exciting accident on the Italian Formula 1 track. Verstappen later received a penalty from three poles for the next race for causing the collision, while Hamilton escaped serious injuries thanks to his so-called ‘halo hop’.

Verstappen tried to overtake Hamilton, he ended up on a kerbsen, then the Red Bull was thrown over Hamilton’s car.

The Mercedes driver survived neck pain and severe headaches after a collision that could have ended much worse had it not been for the ‘halo collar’ over his head.

Here, Max Verstappen takes the lead right from the start, ahead of Lando Norris, Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton earlier this year.

The Brit wrote on Instagram, “The hoop has prevented it from being a much worse accident, and I’m so grateful to everyone working on making our cars safer.”

It was also the subject of Verstappen not checking if Lewis Hamilton had ever recovered unscathed from the dramatic meltdown.

Dramatic: Lewis Hamilton gets Max Verstappen’s car “upside down”.

Former world champion Damon Hill stated that it “looks like it was a calculated decision by Max to take him out”. And by “he” he meant Hamilton.

– Max was disappointed by those comments. Christian Horner says in a large interview with Watchman Before this week’s Formula 1 race in Austin. Verstappen is six points ahead of Hamilton in the World Cup summary.

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Red Bull ‘asks questions’ about Hamilton’s engine: – 15-20 km/h faster

A long peace and tolerance reigned between the contenders for the 2021 World Cup gold. But at Silverstone in July, they separated for the first time.

The two were driving at around 280 km/h when they collided on the first lap of the race. Hamilton received a ten-second penalty, but won at home. Verstappen was taken to the hospital, but happily survived the violent accident without serious injuries.

Verstappen means next Hamilton acted “disrespectfully and unsportsmanlike”. Horner accused Hamilton of “desperate” and “dirty driving”.

“I think Lewis knew the risks he was taking,” Horner now says.

– Obviously, the jury found him guilty. Unfortunately, the result was completely skewed. We lost an engine, and he was able to go on and win the race, so there was really no penalty for his conviction. But we must move forward. Well, things didn’t go our way that day, but things tend to settle during the year, Horner continues to guard.

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