Liverpool is “punished” by Manchester City, who cut the number of first-leg tickets

Liverpool is “punished” by Manchester City, who cut the number of first-leg tickets

The duel for the top spot in the Premier League between Liverpool and Manchester City over the past five years has resulted in a fever in the stands among the fans. City’s security advisers rated the encounter at the Etihad on 1 April as “high risk” and as a result Liverpool’s ticket advantage was significantly reduced.

“Low fares are counterproductive”

Liverpool Supporters’ Union, The Spirit of Shankly, Reaction to Manchester City’s decision.

In 2019, Liverpool received 3,028 tickets for this match. When fans came back after Covid the number was reduced to 2880. We were told the reason for the reduction was because things were being thrown from the home section into the away section. Instead of reducing tickets in the home department, where the turmoil came from, Manchester City reduced the allocation of away tickets.”

For the match on Saturday 1 April, Liverpool will be given away just 2,382 tickets, a decision made between Greater Manchester Police, the Etihad’s Ground Safety Advisory Group and Manchester City themselves.

“We are aware that there have been issues with supporters of both teams in recent seasons, but this measure is counterproductive. In a similar match last season, Liverpool fans suffered from excessive guarding and police action, remaining in the stands after the match without access to toilets. Such The unnecessary treatment of supporters only adds to the tension, which was reported to Greater Manchester Police by SOS at the time.”

Liverpool Football Club wrote that they were in contact with the Premier League and Manchester City to oppose the decision.

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– No worse than other stadiums

– I feel it’s normal. There is nothing better or worse than other stadiums, says Taj Herstad of his experience with the away section at the Etihad when we spoke to him on Wednesday morning. Herstad, the islander who runs Taji pub on Anfield Road, travels to all of Liverpool’s home and away matches.

– It was a little tough, but it was much worse in other places. Especially with their fellow city.

In Whatsapp groups, on social media and in forums, supporters who had been considering the first leg have been calling for more information for several weeks. Usually, the ticket information will arrive several weeks before the first leg. For Herstad himself, that doesn’t mean tickets are in arrears.

– It’s been late before too, but I don’t think much about it. I’m going to fight anyway. This is clearly the worst for visiting fans. But the reason here is most likely due to the controversy over the number of tickets after a few episodes, I think.

– It’s rumored that there will be more information today, so we’ll see what happens.

That rumor was true. Ten days before the settlement, the ticket information finally came out, much later than usual. Thus, Liverpool will receive 2,382 tickets. Fans who attended 18 or more away matches in the 2018/19 season can purchase tickets. from Friday morning.

Consider the netting around the distant supporters

in feb Daily Mail Books Manchester City is considering separating the fans by setting up a net around the far section upon Liverpool’s arrival. The assessment was the reaction of a fan in the away section throwing a beer mug with coins in the home section during a League Cup match in December. A 15-year-old girl was hit by a glass of beer, injuring her.

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The city reportedly raised the issue in a meeting with security officials and the municipal council earlier this year. The network should only be installed if they think there is a high risk of noise from the remote section. It would be easy to see and easy to put away in case of an emergency, but it would undoubtedly be a sad sight and feel like a step back in time.

It remains uncertain whether City will choose to net around the away division at the Etihad, but in any case they will not be match-ready on April 1. They are supposed to be most important at cup matches, where the away fans get the entire Upper Stand in the South Stand, and the beer cup is said to have been thrown from there and down the home section onto the plateau below. Liverpool chief executive Billy Hogan has been in contact with the 15-year-old and her family and has apologized for the incident.

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