Comment: To attack Trump

Comment: To attack Trump

Comment: To attack Trump
The attack: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hasn’t confirmed he will run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. But most of what he’s done in recent months suggests the choice is made.

Donald Trump has been attacking Ron DeSantis for several months now. Now DeSantis is hitting back hard.


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In a televised interview with Piers Morgan, which aired Thursday, DeSantis attacked Trump’s chaotic leadership style, personal choices and failed policies during the pandemic.

This is according to Morgan, who mentioned the interview in a New York Post commentary today.

Trump was DeSantis’ mentor. DeSantis narrowly won the 2018 Florida gubernatorial election, thanks to Trump’s support. He was like the intern on Trump’s former reality TV show “The Apprentice,” without getting fired.

But Trump’s time as a DeSantis supporter is over.

Now the student challenges the teacher. It may stand in the way of Trump’s bid for political revenge in 2024.

Better times: Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis in Florida in March 2019. Then Trump was still president and DeSantis was recently elected governor.

Trump’s strategy toward DeSantis is a mixture of political criticism and satire. He tries to mock the Governor by calling him Ron DeSanctimonious.

DeSantis calls this background noise: Call me whatever you want as long as you call me a winner.

DeSantis says he hasn’t made a final decision on whether to run for president in 2024. But most of what he’s done in recent months suggests the decision has been made.

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For Piers Morgan to open the door to the governor’s residence in Tallahassee, and speak candidly of the kind of president he could imagine, is affirmation enough.

Re-election: Ron DeSantis, Casey DeSantis and the kids during the Opening Ceremony in Tallahassee this January. DeSantis was re-elected governor by a wide margin.

DeSantis has finally dropped the gloves and is catching up, Morgan writes. He warned that the interview would unleash a “firestorm” in the Republican Party. Jason Miller, one of Trump’s advisers, wrote on Twitter that DeSantis finally showed who he was: a never-trump establishment that despises MAGA and has been FAKE all along.

Trump’s MAGA movement stands for Make America Great Again. To win the nomination, and then the presidential election, DeSantis is counting on the support of many Trump supporters. They make up a large part of the Republican Party.

DeSantis thinks he can do it, and then defeats Joe Biden. The president has not yet announced that he is running for re-election, but that is expected to happen in the near future.

– If I run, it will be against Biden. He is the one I want to focus on because I think he failed in the country. I think the country wants change. I think they want a completely fresh start and a new direction,” says DeSantis.

So it’s not a repeat of Trump.

DeSantis is not modest on his own behalf: – I have what it takes. I have a vision for the country. I am able to show leadership. I’m willing to stand in a fire when it’s too hot and not bend under pressure.

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FREE BOOK: Volunteers give out Ron Desante’s book during a political rally in Iowa on March 10.

DeSantis promises competent leadership, without the day-to-day drama.

He says it doesn’t make sense to “fight with people on social media”. Trump was delivering daily drama and dozens of Twitter messages every day. Mostly in capital letters.

Politically, the difference between Trump and Diantis is small. But DeSantis (44) represents something new, and he’s unencumbered by scandals and four ongoing investigations.

DeSanti’s argument is that he was re-elected in Florida by a strong margin because he also picked up the votes of independent voters and some Democrats. You don’t become president just by appealing to Republican voters.

Donald Trump has a clear lead among Republican voters. Ron DeSantis is second in the field, and that was before he announced his candidacy.

The battle to become the Republican presidential nominee is going to be ugly and unforgiving.


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