Byggmakker invited Surnadal to a small exhibition

Byggmakker invited Surnadal to a small exhibition

BM Exhibition for Secondary Buildings:

Surnadal Partners Building

On Wednesday, Byggmakker (BM) invited Surnadal to a small exhibition at her headquarters. All students of Sorndale High School’s carpentry program, approx. 20 in number, they are invited to the exhibition, as well as all professional clients from Surnadal and Rindal. Here there was dinner and “something to eat” approx. 50 registered.

Pupils from Sorndale High School

Pupils and teachers have been invited to four pre-planned stands, where MøreTre, NorDan, Weber and Luna each keep information about their products. These are the products that BM Surnadal carries out professionally, and at the same time BM Surnadal companies cooperate with them professionally.

Students are the future primary customers of BM, and it is very important to inform and educate them about what is happening in the market for products and solutions. This information means that they become better carpenters/carpenters and can choose the right solutions for the building trade. Today there is competition for this type of workforce, and carpenters will become a sought-after profession in the future.

– We organized the same kind of fair in Sunndal yesterday, today here in Surnadal and tomorrow it’s Tingvoll’s turn. Konrad Våbenø, BM Surnadal, says it is only in Surnadal that schoolchildren are invited.

Traditionally, in the fall, a larger folk fair is organized in Todalen, to which the building trades Sunndal, Surnadal, Tingvoll and Kristiansund N are invited. There were 60 students enrolled here last fall, and Byggfag Kristiansund has already announced its arrival this fall, so this is a popular initiative In particular. BM Surnadal is investing significant resources to ensure this is a quality proposition for the carpenters/carpenters of tomorrow.

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– when approx. 50 professional actors attend this event, so we understand that this is an important social arena for actors in the carpentry and carpentry profession, and this is also the goal of BM Surnadal in facing such an exhibition. However, the focus is on students of carpentry courses, and hopefully this will spark interest in the carpentry and carpentry profession, says Konrad Fabinho.

A man standing with his hands crossed in front of samples of clothing.

Conrad Fabinho

We walked around the various stands, and first went to the MøreTre stand. Here, the process surrounding the production of MøreRoyal is explained to the students. The colors are Natural, Ocher, Gray, Brown and Setersvart, both in terms of cladding and terrace and mouldings. This is the summary group. It is explained that the cladding is made so that you will not see screws in the visual after the cladding is laid, ie the cladding is positioned so that you can cover the screw/screw seam each time you place a new cladding. The cladding can also be reused, which is an environmental solution and means a lot in competition. The most important information was the information that the correct type of cladding is now being produced by MøreRøyal (New Royal Edition 2.0) so that fire safety is ensured. Thus, MøreRoyal by MøreTre is fully competitive in the market among other similar sheeting suppliers.

MøreRoyal to stand with the students watching

MoreTre position

Then we went to the Weber platform. They focused on the fact that everything could be built with Leca. Everyone knows Leca products. There is a fiber plaster system here which, according to Leca, is non-flammable and impact resistant. They provide soundproofing between rooms and waterproofing of floors and walls in cellars, for example.

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4 students look at what Weber's position has to say

Weber position

Then go to Nordan stand. They offered door and window solutions to the responding students.

NorDan has a platform and students are watching

Nordan position

Finally, the flight went to the Luna platform. Among other things, they offered solutions for lighting construction areas or rooms under construction. Tips on using tools and what tools can be used for different purposes.

People look at the Luna platform

Luna position

We wish BM Surnadal all the best with their venture on Team Proff and expect them to be “on par with the professionals”! We also wish you well on your fair dinner later today.

A man preparing sausages in the kitchen


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