Oslo Police will not dissuade people from participating in the pride celebrations

Oslo Police will not dissuade people from participating in the pride celebrations

After the Oslo Pride Parade was postponed on Saturday morning, thousands of people gathered for various celebrations and parades in the capital.

More and more people joined the festivities throughout the day.

They do so despite the fact that the cancellation was due to advice from the Oslo Police and the Police Security Service (PST), who believed the night’s events were an act of radical Islamic terrorism.

– Make good choices

Police Chief Pyatt Gangas says she understands that people are taking to the streets.

“We have to respect that, and we also show that by being visible on the city scene and supporting us to create safety for those who go out to show their attention,” she says.

– People are sitting at home now wondering if it is safe to join the tags or not. What are the police’s clear answers to them?

Spokesperson: Police Chief Pets Gangas praised Oslo Pride for its decision to rescind the official marking based on the information that was available on Saturday morning. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

So far, we don’t have any concrete indications of planning new attacks, but people should also make wise assessments themselves. We are doing our best to make it safe in public, so we hope that the unresolved situation we are in right now will be back to normal as soon as possible.

– So you don’t want to discourage anyone from attending the choices?

We cannot prevent people from using public places, but we will do what we can to make people safe wherever they are.

– But would you have advised them not to do this if you thought it was unsafe to be on the streets?

– When you choose to cancel the official event, it is for a reason. It is Pride who chose to do so on the advice of the police to the PST due to the unresolved situation, says Gangås.

Pride also recommended people to mark their whereabouts, which I think is wise. Those who choose to come to Oslo, we will not prevent them from being here. We need to make sure it’s as safe as you can get it.

Flower of the Sea: Although the official celebration of pride has been postponed, the streets of Oslo are filled with people and rainbow flags on Saturday. Photo: Ingvild Gjerdsjø/TV 2

Do the police think it’s safe to go out on the streets this weekend?

It must be safe to go out on the streets. We put in more resources than we planned, and are using all available crew, answers the police chief, who has repeatedly praised Oslo Pride for choosing to cancel the official event.

– You recommended de-tag, but you wouldn’t dissuade people from participating in other tags. Do you understand whether it is difficult for people to decide whether to participate or not?

Yes, I can understand that, but what I can say is that we have all the resources available, and that we must secure people wherever they are. Then I’m sure there will be an opportunity to show empathy and celebrate diversity and pride later, but I can’t go out and deny people staying in the public space.

large armed forces

Just before 3pm, TV2 also spoke with Operations Director Ron Heckelstrand, who has the best overview of Oslo Police Patrols of all times.

Strength for: The crowd increased visibly throughout the Saturday afternoon.  Photo: Ingvild Gjerdsjø/TV 2

Strength for: The crowd increased visibly throughout the Saturday afternoon. Photo: Ingvild Gjerdsjø/TV 2

He says there are a lot of people on the streets on Saturday afternoon.

– As far as possible in such a situation, we understand that the atmosphere is good. These are supportive and gracious signs, Heckstrand says.

– The planned Pride Celebration has been canceled on your recommendation. What do you think about the fact that many still go by train?

The police estimate that there is a difference between the different signs. Therefore, we recommended that the actual rally be canceled and the Pride Square event, he said.

– We have always known that there will be a lot of people on the streets today, so we have a large armed force and we will be all day long. Our job is to create security, and we will continue to do so.

without warning

– But do you want to warn people not to join the tags?

– I have no warning to give. I notice that there are a lot of people and that we are there with a lot of power. Then I understand that people want to celebrate this day.

Does this mean it is completely safe to join tags?

Our message is that we are there with great force to make the public feel safe, says Heckelstrand.

TV 2 also aired asking the Oslo Police Communications Department if the police were recommending people to stay away from the constant signs. The query has not been answered.

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