My country is much better than yours

My country is much better than yours

20 years ago, rappers Diaz and Peter quarreled over which country was the best. Here is the answer.

In the song “Norge Mot Sverige”, Swede Petter says “my country is mycket bättre än ditt”. Norwegian Andres Rafael Diaz, also known as Diaz, replied, “It’s just lies and nonsense, stop talking nonsense.”

Let’s imagine that Peter and Diaz didn’t talk about streaming and the ladies, but about growth conditions and growth companies.

Flow and ladies are of course sexier. But, in 20 years, Diaz will be 66 years old. Then in theory he should be able to do whatever he wants, but in reality he is approaching retirement age.

Then we should have caught the tide of seniors, made the green shift and found new ways to fund welfare, such as helping Diaz at home.

So we need startups And expansions that are allowed to grow into big, strong content creators.

Is it just a lie and nonsense that Sweden is better at achieving growth than Norway?

The words of numbers are sad. Along large parts of the Norwegian companies’ growth journey, there are signs of major weaknesses. Let’s start roughly at the very beginning, with the so-called “rising stars”.

These are companies in the stage of growth and expansion. It is in short supply in Norway. A survey showed that there are no less of them in Scandinavia than in us Nordic startup and expanding scene.

These are the companies that will grow into potential unicorns, companies worth 250 million to 1 billion euros.

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Denmark and Sweden both have more potential unicorns than us. And there are already three times as many actual unicorns in Cool Brother than in Norway.

In “Norway vs Sweden” Diaz asked if half of Sweden should work for Norwegian 7-Eleven, and offered Sweden a loan if their economy was bad.

If the Norwegian growth rate continues at the same pace, we may have to borrow money from the Swedes.

However, the Minister of Business and Industry announced a project for the technology industry. With the right facility and the right medicine, this project could provide the growth impetus Norway and Pensjonist-Diaz need.

Medicine must provide capital, expertise and customers for technology-driven growth companies.

Then Diaz can say to Peter that my country is much better than yours.

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