Reading trip to Rome and the Vatican in November

Reading trip to Rome and the Vatican in November

September 22, 2023, at 17:32 am

Bei dieser einmaligen leserreise vom 12. There is a lot of antique paint that comes in the same way as the old one. Highlights are a visit to the Divine Liturgy in St. Peter’s Basilica, a meeting with the Swiss Guards and a visit to the Vatican Museum with the Sistine Chapel, reserved exclusively for Mondial Tours guests. We should ask Rumkiner Kaplan Pius Roig.

Reise program in detail

Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome, Italy

The reader’s journey is impressive to the “Eternal City” and to the Vatican. (Photo: Bogdan Lazar)

Mark 1

Participants drive from Vaduz to Flughafen Zurich and then fly to Rome. In the Italian capital, their tour guide took them to the 4-star hotel. I’m worried about one of the following days, so many Italian versions of the program will be available in this month. The reason for this is the reason behind the Trajansmärkte in the Trajansforum sowie the fresh Judischen Viertels. Beim Abendessen in Restaurant Lassen sie den Tag ausklingen.

Rays of light in St. Peter's Dome in Rome

The reader’s journey is impressive to the “Eternal City” and to the Vatican. (Photo: Johannes Pistorius)

Mark 2

I am happy to see you in the group, I will see you with the Chaplain Pius Rüegg die Heilige Masse feiern. I’m worried about the need to be happy with Peter’s house in this place. The Sacralbau Monastery houses Michelangelo’s magnificent works. There is no need to wait until the end of the day. In the evening, a special event of your trip awaits you: the famous Vatican Museum and its Sistine Chapel are reserved exclusively for the travel group and you can leave this unique artistic experience to work in intimate peace.

Andres Berzins

The reader’s journey is impressive to the “Eternal City” and to the Vatican. (Photo: Katarzyna Artemiak)

Mark 3

If you want, take a walk around Trastevere after breakfast and visit Villa Farnesina. Im Anschluss beschutz die Gruppe die Kirche Santa Maria in Trastevere. Zum Abschluss geniessen sie das Mittagesen in einem Gemütlichen restaurant.

In the afternoon, the group was waiting for a special meeting. In the year 1506 during the reign of Pope Julius II. Established, ist die Schweizergarde ein Stück lebendige Geschichte. This is why this situation is so difficult to understand. The rebel group arrived at the portal where Anna was buried in Genome and by either the leader Christoph Graf or her student Wertraiter. Please feel free to contact us in the Quartier and next to the Waffenkammer. The Beim Apéro gains its information through the Corps and can exchange information about the Leben der Gardisten. In a specific restaurant we are waiting for dinner.

Rays of light in St. Peter's Dome in Rome

The reader’s journey is impressive to the “Eternal City” and to the Vatican. (Photo: Johannes Pistorius)

Mark 4

This tag begins with a new house on Petersplatz, so that everyone can stay with us in the next section. The annexation took place in Engelsburg, around 1900 when the Mausoleum of Kaiser Hadrian and the Nachfölger were finished. See the collection at this museum.

There is no need to worry about everything that happens in this Aussicht straße with mehrlichem Blick über die “Ewige Stadt” freuen. Beim Abendessen in Restaurant Lassen sie die Eindrücke der Reise nochmals Revue passieren.

Domain within domain

The reader’s journey is impressive to the “Eternal City” and to the Vatican. (Photo: Mauro Rodriguez)

Mark 5

When they marry, they marry each other in the Palazzo Colonna. The building is one of the largest and oldest privately owned Roman palaces. This is the most important thing in the Palazzo’s house with the help of the Kunstschätzen. We need to know more about the flow and the risk of flushing in the Zürich sowie die Fahrt nach Vaduz.

This includes recycling

  • I flew from Vaduz to Flughafen Zurich and back
  • Direct flight from Zurich to Rome and back
  • Airport-hotel-airport transfer
  • 4 nights with buffet breakfast at the 4-star “Le Méridien Visconti Roma” hotel near the Tiber River in the central area of ​​Prati
  • 1 After each day italienische Häppchen (first day)
  • 3 Appendices in restaurants (on the first, third and fourth days)
  • One midday snack in the restaurant (morning of day 2)
  • “City Markets Worth Seeing” Trip
  • Divine Mass with Father Pius Roig in St. Peter’s Cathedral
  • “World Famous St. Peter’s Church” Excursion
  • Excursion “Exclusive artistic experience at the Vatican Museum” (zweistündige reserve tour)
  • Be such der Schweizergarde, including Apéro im Kasernenhof and Besichtigung der Waffenkammer
  • Be such a General Audience with Pope (Papstanwesenheit forausgesetzt)
  • “Majestic Engelsburg” Journey
  • Excursion “Beeindruckender Palazzo Colonna”
  • All entry fees apply
  • Qualifizierte, deutschsprechende Reiseleitung
  • Reisebegleitung durch Pius Rüegg, Kaplan von Eschen-Nendeln and ehemaliger Schweizergardist
  • Vaterland subscriber benefits from a discount on the travel price.

Additional bookable travel services

  • Excursion “Villa Farnesina and Santa Maria in the Renaissance”, including Eintritt und Mittagesen im Restaurant

Puchong and Beratong

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Or directly at the travel agency

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