How to create a harmonious home

How to create a harmonious home

It’s quick to take light for granted. But the truth is that the right light in the house provides energy, well-being and profit.

– We often don’t notice the correct lighting, but we detect very quickly when the lighting is incorrect or insufficient, says General Manager Gret Ingebrijtsen and Service Coordinator John Likanger at El Team Nord.

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The most important thing you can do when choosing lighting is take room by room.

From hot to cold

The living room is a multi-purpose room and many want to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. What makes things easier today is that more and more manufacturers can provide light where you can change the color temperature from warm, via neutral, to cool.

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Room - More Mood: These 3 pictures show how the mood changes after installing LED strips where you can change the color temperature.  Adjust the color of the light from very hot to cool white, giving the effect of sunlight.

In the living room, you may want to consider that it is the walls that should be lit and not the floor. Black downlights in black ceilings give an exclusive look. If you want contrasts, you can choose the downlight with other colors and combinations.

If you have a slightly larger living room, you should consider several light points, and it is also easy to contrast several zones. You should also ensure good lighting for reading if you have a good chair where you want to immerse yourself in a good book.

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Elegant wall light: Recessed light in the wall creates a unique and relaxing atmosphere, as in this staircase.

Work light and mood

In the kitchen, it is very important to be able to contrast a lot of light with a little. During the actual cooking, it is crucial that you see what is actually going on. If you have a dining area connected to the kitchen, you’ll want to be able to dim the light when people are sitting at the table. Here, the dull gold is worth it.

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Hotel feel: Several light sources in the bedroom create a good atmosphere.

When you intend to light the kitchen – feel free to divide it into two zones. An area with good working light above the kitchen counter, and an area with mood lighting. This is especially important in open kitchen solutions. A slim LED striped pendant lamp above the kitchen island can help create a nice atmosphere.

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LUNG GANG: Here is a good example of how stains on the ceiling can help enhance the effect of depth in a hallway while creating a completely unique atmosphere.

Today, LED lights are stylish and unobtrusive. They provide good illumination, while gliding smoothly in the environment.

private bathroom

The bathroom can be a challenge, as there are several factors you must take into consideration.

You don’t have to have a downlight on the ceiling that shines right in front of the mirror, because that’s where you should stand when you’re ready. A good choice would be to have a light around the mirror. Creates a shadowless light that contours the face. You can also have lights on each side of the mirror or tape over the mirror.

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Coordinating bathroom: LED stripes offer unprecedented opportunities to evoke your favorite bathroom.

Avoid very cold lighting in the bathroom, you will look much paler than in reality. It’s also a good tip to have a separate bright spot inside the bathroom. Proper lighting of outlets and elements can provide greater luxury during the time spent in the bathroom.

The bedroom needs more solutions. Everything from the reading lights on the bed, lights inside the cabinets, and a good “wash light” in the ceiling. With today’s advent, it takes very little to create the feeling of a hotel in your own bedroom.

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Exciting Opportunities: A combination of design spots and a beautiful pendant make the living room a room you just have to love.

General LED مصباح

What really took off in the last couple of years is the use of LED stripes. You can have it in all colors with or without a dimmer. This means you can place the lights under the kitchen island, along the plinths, behind the headboard on the bed, behind moldings in the ceiling and inside upper cabinets and display cabinets.

Light is perhaps one of the most important things when it comes to putting your fingerprint on the environment in your home.

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EXCLUSIVE: Black downlights in black ceilings give an exclusive look.

good advisors

If you are going to build new, renovate or want a change, it is a good idea to speak to the specialists at El Team Nord first.

– We can perform an examination to come up with professionally justified recommendations and to have the right lighting. Inside lights and lamps, there’s rapid development and it’s not always easy for the average homeowner to be one hundred percent up-to-date on the opportunities available, concludes General Manager Gret Ingebrijtsen and Service Coordinator John Likanger at El Team Nord.

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