Really big potential for saving electricity

Really big potential for saving electricity

Maria Gusto Alonso has a PhD project in Ventilation on Demand and is very interested in energy efficiency in buildings. Norway’s building stock is a huge consumer of the terawatt-hours that we need to electrify fossil energy users such as trains, industry, and more. There are a lot of terawatt hours to collect here. In commercial buildings alone, it should be possible to save energy consumption in excess of NOK 12 billion per year. One thing is heating, but ventilation is a huge energy drain today.

Much of the energy we use to heat, cool and ventilate buildings. Last year, the total energy consumption of Norwegian buildings was 84 TWh. The largest consumer was detached homes, with 66 percent of older homes having a strong need for energy efficiency. Apartment blocks are used much less.

On average, Norwegian households use about 27,000 kWh. There is a lot of heat for crows.

Technically: Moberg & Valmot

Odd Richard Valmot and Jan M. Moberg.

Jan M Mauberge And I want Richard Valmout At Teknisk Ukeblad they are both civil engineers with a strong technological background. Every week they talk about current tech topics on the TU . podcast Technically speaking.

Usually, technically, it’s posted every Thursday afternoon.

An electric car – technically

TU has also started a podcast about electric cars. Electric vehicle – technically, it is usually published every tuesday afternoon, available as a pure audio and video recording at

Here you’ll find an electric car – technically speaking:

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