The world's electronics manufacturers are looking to Drammen

The world's electronics manufacturers are looking to Drammen

Virinco Technology AS helps dozens of electronics manufacturers in both design and production. Clients include a large number of advanced electronics manufacturers, such as ABB, Suunto, Linn, Soundboks, Sennheiser and Kongsberg-Gruppen.

Major US defense manufacturers will also be on the client list, but he could not name them, says managing director Richard Petersen.

A unique program

Eltek actually started manufacturing electronics in China at the turn of the millennium. The advantage was low costs. The defect appeared in the lack of control in the tests performed during production. Only weeks later it became clear how the production had proceeded.

This problem was the beginning of what is today known as sister company Virinco AS's core product, the Test Data Management System, which was launched in 2003 as Wats Software. This solution – which is currently installed at electronics manufacturers around the world – monitors and analyzes all test data that is produced. Any deviations can then be detected and corrected along the way.

The Watts app takes care of all the data, allowing you to look at analytics and trends and track everything, Petersen explains.

The first solution was installed at Eltek's manufacturer in China already in 2001. The ongoing testing has worked so well that Virinco still monitors Eltek's production lines remotely. This is despite the fact that the popular power electronics manufacturer outside Drammen was acquired by Taiwanese company Delta ten years ago.

Contributes to better design

A solution that monitors the testing of electronics as they are manufactured is advanced. Not only must the mechanics of the robots be built to enable the hardware to be placed in the test bench, but separate electronics must also be designed that can perform the actual testing.

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As a result of the testing activities, Pettersen & Co. realized that it had gained a unique insight that could contribute significantly to improving the design of the electronic devices produced.

Or as Petersen says: – We know a lot about electronics.

Therefore our sister company Virinco Technology AS was established as a pure design company, helping small and large companies alike find the right design for electronic products.

In this week's podcast, you can listen to Richard Petersen explain in more detail about Virinco's unique role in the world's electronics industry.

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