Red Bull, Menu | Red Bull sold at a cheaper price than water: – Hårreisende!

Red Bull, Menu |  Red Bull sold at a cheaper price than water: – Hårreisende!

“I think it increases hair growth,” says clinical nutritionist Tine Sundvor to Nettavisen.

I took note of the Mini's offer, which means you get a can of Red Bull for 14.90, while a pint of Emsdale water costs 22.50.

– Price trumps health

We know that half of young people say they drink energy drinks three times a week. When it's cheaper than water, there's no chance of giving up an energy drink, Sundvor says.

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There is a wide range of Red Bull variants which Meny sells at 14.90 per can. The offer runs until March 9th. Two are sugar-free, one contains 10 percent sugar and six contain 11 percent sugar.

Hence, most Coca-Cola leads in terms of sugar content. Coca-Cola contains 10.6 percent sugar.

See the menu's response to the criticism below: – Two are sugar-free

– Poll after poll shows that price trumps health when it comes to our choices at the grocery store.

Therefore, it is cheaper to buy a Red Bull sugar drink in a mini store than a half-litre bottle of Emsdal water. If you compare Red Bull with Emsdal small bottle, the price per liter is the lowest for Red Bull.

Red Bull with sugar 0.25 liter can:

  • 14.90 per piece, 59.60 per litre

Emsdal Water Bottle 0.3 Liter:

  • 19.40 per piece, 64.67 per litre

Emsdal Water, 0.5 L Bottle:

  • 22.50 per piece, 45.00 per litre

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– It's obviously unfortunate

The National Public Health Association is reacting strongly.

– It is clearly a pity that the prices of energy drinks are lower than the prices of water, General Secretary Minna Gerhardsen tells Nettavisen.

She also points out that price is very important to the choices people make in the store.

When unhealthy things become cheaper than healthy things, we push consumption toward choices that contribute to poor health, she says.

In this sense, Minnie's campaign is very unfortunate, says Gerhardsen.

“Eating sugar with sugar, for example, is an important cause of weight gain and obesity,” Gerhardsen says, noting that seven out of ten adults in Norway are overweight or obese.

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– Just a slogan

She thinks Mini should be aware of his responsibility.

– Grocery industry players also have a social responsibility and should consider how they can contribute to facilitating their customers to make better healthy choices, says Gerhardsen.

On the store chain's websites, it says “The menu facilitates healthy choices.” “Our goal is for our customers to eat more fruits, vegetables, fish and coarse grain products – and less salt, sugar and saturated fat,” they wrote.

– How does this fit in with Red Bull having an offers campaign?

This contributes to us getting more sugar, not less, as Tine Sundvor says and continues:

– I like Minnie's slogan, “If you eat better, you live better,” but they have to show that this is more than just a slogan, and then they can't sell Red Bull cheaper than water, she says.

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Sundfør asks politicians to use taxes to reduce large sales of energy drinks.

Some may not like the imposition of a new tax, but I hope that the prices of healthy foods will be reduced at the same time, says Sundfør.

Menu: – Two sugar-free

Nettavisen Meny asked why they sell Red Bull cheaper than water.

We also asked the list to respond to this:

– Why do you offer Red Bull when your goal is to encourage customers to eat less sugar?

In an email to Nettavisen, communications director Nina Hein wrote:

“We have several hundred offers each week across product groups, and we always make sure to stock a wide range of healthy products,” Hein wrote.

When it comes to Red Bull, there are nine varieties on offer now, two of which are sugar-free, but they're still no cheaper per liter than most of our small and large water bottles, she wrote.

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