Renault ZOE with zero stars in Euro NCAP

Renault ZOE with zero stars in Euro NCAP

20 years ago, Renault was the first brand in history to achieve five stars and a full score among the Euro NCAP safety testers. At that time, it was Renault Laguna that stood in the way of major achievements.

Since then, in 2001, standards have skyrocketed as to what it takes to get one, two, three, four or five stars. However, at the same time, it is almost becoming the norm rather than the exception that new cars score full marks.

In 2001 Renault Laguna was the first car in history to achieve five stars by Euro NCAP.
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Surprisingly, Renault ZOE is only the third car in history that does not qualify for a single star in the acclaimed crash test.

In 2013 Renault ZOE achieved five stars and full events at Euro NCAP. Eight years later, important safety equipment was removed and the All-Stars gone.

famous in norway

Renault ZOE is the ninth best selling electric car in history in Norway. To date, up to 15,260 copies have been sold in this country. However, most of them were registered before the current year and older models of the car are now slaughtered.

Renault ZOE is very popular in many of the company’s cars, both in the private sector and as public as home service. Vy also uses the electric car in its city cars in the capital.

In 2013, the then Renault ZOE received five stars at the Euro NCAP. In that time, the car scored 89/100 in adult protection, 80/100 in child protection, 66/100 in soft-road protection and 85/100 in safety assistance.

In the last test, the corresponding scores fell to 43/100, 52/100, 41/100 and 14/100. So far this year, 992 copies of this car have been registered in Norway, which puts Zoe in 28th place in the electric car statistics for 2021.

The Euro NCAP report can be read in full she has.

Zero stars

In other words, the 2021 model of the all-electric car – tested with standard equipment – will be slaughtered in Euro NCAP testing.

In 2021, new vehicles are expected to keep passengers safe in the event of a collision, but tests show that the dummies will indeed go through several compound collisions, which will simulate potential real-world scenarios. In the case of a standard frontal collision, the results are considered poor due to poor protection in the chest area on the driver’s side.

However, in the event of a collision with solid objects, when the vehicle is out of control laterally – such as trees or poles – this reveals the most dangerous outcome. Up to 33 percent of these collisions are classified as fatal or serious.

According to the test, the forces of the car cause the rod to penetrate deep into the passenger compartment of the Renault ZOE, where it can hit the driver’s head and lead to serious injury or death (see figure with red ring).

Red body parts in the illustration show a potential threat of serious injury and possibly life in an accident.  Illustration: Euro NCAP / DinSide

Red body parts in the illustration show a potential threat of serious injury and possibly life in an accident. Illustration: Euro NCAP / DinSide
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exciting result

According to Euro NCAP, the result was serious and impressive. In particular, they note that Renault with the Laguna 2 introduced the integrated head and thorax (thorax) airbag.

This airbag is available in most modern cars. Unfortunately, a conscious decision was made to remove head protection from this important passive safety feature, for the brand that pioneered its use, comments Euro NCAP Board Member Matthew Avery

– As a result, the safety of the vehicle’s occupants was seriously affected, he said.

Several disadvantages

Renault ZOE also lacks active safety technology, which is also usually fitted as standard on most new vehicles, such as lane departure warning and autonomous emergency braking. It gives a low score of 14 percent (possibly 100%) in the security assistant category. This is 61 percent lower than the average (75 percent) in 2021.

At Euro NCAP, Avery thinks it’s disastrous – even for a small electric car like the Renault Zoe.

Drivers should not have to switch safety to zero emissions. Motorists can still save the planet and enjoy a car that can play an important role in saving their families in the event of a collision, according to the site. Thatcham Research.

There are several other alternatives similar in price and size that have scored solid scores and have a number of active safety systems as standard, he continues.

DinSide has so far been unable to obtain any comment from the Renault importer in Norway.

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