Renewable Norway, Renewable Energy | Renewed Norway is not necessarily an organization that wants Norway well

Renewable Norway, Renewable Energy |  Renewed Norway is not necessarily an organization that wants Norway well

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Bård Standal, Head of Analysis and Society at Renewable Norway, speaks on behalf of his ailing mother at a debate in Nettavisen on May 5.

Renewed Norway is not necessarily an organization that wants Norway well.

Here’s the thing: It’s actually that simple. Now Norwegian self-harm must end

Members are all firms that are riding the renewable wave with an activity that does not become profitable until competing firms become unprofitable through public intervention.

Standal is concerned about ground rent and other taxes that reduce the profitability of “renewable” energy. Land rent tax has been introduced to protect the interests of the nation now.

The base interest tax is not necessarily wrong

The state attempts to correct market distortions by, among other things, taxing undesirable consequences such as the destruction of nature, the deterioration of the economic base (such as the tourism industry and the use of nature) as well as invaluable public goods and leisure opportunities for everyone who lives in Norway today, as well as for all The next generations.

The fact that other countries do not tax the exploitation of common resources to the same extent does not mean that the land rent tax is wrong.

Getting settled in the common people must cost money.

Many of us believe that such exploitation should be prohibited in many contexts, such as wind energy development.

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Wind power is completely dead

The wind power industry is not life-saving from a socio-economic perspective.

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Only parasitic corporations with morals that base themselves on deception, subsidies, and the exploitation of imperfect markets at the expense of society benefit from this.

Nothing can replace the devastating Norwegian nature. The general public suffers great losses wherever wind power is generated.

Indeed, it should never have happened – not even in the hypothetical case that the enterprise was economically profitable without subsidies (which it is not).

Wind power does nothing for the climate either.

And besides, this power supply is not an efficient and reliable power supply. It will always need alternative, adjustable and usually non-renewable energy as backup power.

In short, wind power is born completely dead.

Get socially useful jobs

The Norwegian Democrats believe that the wind power industry bases its existence on an “ideological” hoax, subsidies and political friendship.

Norway must not base its future on intimidation from the global climate stage and the semi-businesses of a “green transition” utopia.

Norway will never suffer from an energy shortage if the politicians in this country stop prioritizing the needs of a foreign power over the Norwegian needs.

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We can get to the point where existing Norwegian hydroelectric plants should be made more efficient, as long as this does not destroy more nature. If we do, Norway will be self-sufficient in electricity for the foreseeable future without onshore and offshore wind power.

And should additional energy needs arise in the distant future, there are far better alternatives than wind power.

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We recommend that the Board of Directors and employees of Fornybar Norge realize what they are doing as early as possible, and get socially useful jobs.

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