Reveal: – Scandal

Reveal: – Scandal

The Arab Games will be held in July. 22 countries are participating in the tournament, which is being held this year in Algeria.

Russia is not among the 22 nations, but it nonetheless has come into focus ahead of the tournament. After accusations of a “dirty trick” Løvenes Konge’s Rudolf Blodstropmoen and Skar were likely to shake heads with the confession.

It all started when journalist Sergey Lisin revealed on Telegram that seven Russian athletes had infiltrated the starting lists for the Pan Arab Games, disguised as Syrians. He writes Insider.

The names and ages of the athletes have been changed. Russian woman Milana Mugo, for example, is registered as Milana Murad.

And so the list goes on.

GJEVT: State and sport work closely together in Russia as well. Here, a number of the country’s Olympic medalists meet President Vladimir Putin after the Olympic Games in Beijing. Photo: NTB
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Various attempts have been made to change the names. Mojo for Murad is in the solvable category. It is the same recording of Karina Polodkina as Karina Polud.

In other cases, more diligence has been taken. Daria Dzhedzhula, for example, is on the starting list as Dasha Dzhedula. Not quite a KGB class, but better than a peephole newspaper.

In any case, the attempt, which gives banned Russian athletes the opportunity to participate in international competitions, makes Sergey Lisin respond:

– It’s a scandal, says the journalist Daypress.

Avisa has tried to get comment from the regulator, so far with no response.

This golfer doesn’t look until he hits the ball. Video: Macho Grande, Bård Sørø Olsen / Dagbladet TVsporten
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The Russian sports authorities responded to the journalist’s accusations:

– We confirm that Milana Mugo and Alexandra Maksimova represent Syria. A press spokesperson said they were not on the list of athletes who could compete for Russia in 2023 palm.


– As for other athletes, the information does not correspond to reality. The spokesperson claims that the athletes will not participate in the tournament and have not changed their nationality.

The Russians are angry

The Russians are angry

The future for Russian athletes in international competitions is still uncertain.

Earlier this winter, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) opened athletes from Russia and Belarus to next year’s Olympic Games in Paris. The IOC has set a number of requirements for the athletes, who must compete individually under a neutral flag, and not have any ties to the military.

On Friday, the International Olympic Committee sent A press release They indicated that the Organization of Non-Aligned Countries supported the decision of the International Olympic Committee regarding athletes from Russia and Belarus. The resolution was adopted unanimously by 120 UN member states in the alliance.

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