Review, Culture | Excellent gypsy and goulash

Review, Culture |  Excellent gypsy and goulash

Why on earth don’t people at Vefsn leave home when you can get nice music and great food for only 350 NOK? As for the music with culinary goulash – the “Hungarian Music Cooking Concert Evening” at Kulturverkstedet on Friday was a success for about 30 people who attended.

It started off very fiery with Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No. 2. Violinist Birgit Stearns immediately put us in the right mood for gypsy music. In fact, this would probably now be called chamber music, but it doesn’t sound like that to us. On the other hand, the word, and the music, were excellent from the first note.

Stærnes controlled his temper and cracked his neck. We enjoyed.

Dvořák’s “Gypsy Song, Op. 55, No. 4” is a wonderful “plum” beautifully performed by the duo. Yes, because the violinist naturally had a skilled pianist with him – Helge Kekshus. He also replaced Birgitte with introductions to plays. Now he announced the new Dvorak, which he thought was “the best.” We still keep the button on the first one. There was nothing to argue about, because they were both fine.

Béla Bartók’s Six Roman Dances was for us one of the highlights before goulash.

Here they both showed great games. Six very short dances, succeeding one another, before Pablo de Sarasate’s “Zigeunerweisen”. had become He was brought and trampled before the Hungarian National Court. Here it served as a buffet, where we could help ourselves as many times as we wanted. The red wine was already there, and the goulash was particularly delicious, so we double-stocked it.

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– No, we are not responsible for that. We have a good cooperation with the Department of Restaurant and Food Studies at Mosjøen High School. They are the ones who made it happen,” says Heidi Anis, General Manager at Kulturverkstedet.

Brahms also opened the music after the break. Now with Hungarian dance number six. Great match, but we have to admit we liked the second number more. Maybe it was because we had such expectations of Debussy That followed.

We were not disappointed in any way. Our favorite composer had planned six such sonnets while ill and half-dead at the end of World War I. Unfortunately, he only managed to complete three. This one is for piano and violin, and two others. The show we did on Friday was definitely Debussy – very beautiful! A little wavy music that goes up and down – a great experience. Is it possible for a sick and old man to write something so beautiful? The audience was thrilled, and so were we.

The duo on the podium, then finished with Chardas being torn apart by Vittore Monti. The Hungarian national dance can be reminiscent of tango. It starts quietly and then grows fierce in the main part. We felt reserved for the warm, dark nights. Good experience, because it was snowing outside.

It is unfortunate that many people did not find this music as an opportunity to warm themselves before the cold of winter. Thanks to Klassiskscene for letting us enjoy the moment.

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