June 9, 2023


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Robert Maude, Defence Storr accuses the report of cutting off: – lays the groundwork for interpretation away

On Wednesday 3 May, Knut Storberget will hand over the task to the Defense Committee a report To Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gram (SB).

The Defense Committee was appointed by the government in December 2021 to assess security and defense policy options and priorities that Norway could take to “best protect Norwegian security in a 10-20 year perspective”.

Already on Tuesday, May 2 at 1 p.m., Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoer (AP), Finance Minister Trygve Slägsvold Vedom (SP) and Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gramm (Spain) will hold a press conference on the strengthening of the Armed Forces. This was stated by the government in a press release May 1.

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Knut Storberget Coup

Retired Lieutenant General and former army chief, Robert Mood, reacts forcefully to the government holding a press conference a few days before Sturberget is to submit its report.

The Labor Party and the Center Party Knut Storberget Coup and Defense Committee to be presented tomorrow. lays the groundwork for the interpretation of criticism,” writes Maude Twitter Tuesday morning and refers to the press conference on strengthening the armed forces.

– What do you think about the government holding a press conference on strengthening the armed forces one day before Knut Storberget handed over the report of the Defense Committee, Maud?

– It probably means in the first place that Ap and Sp want to control the narrative about the defense committee, position themselves in the media and in the public space so that they can show what they said on the last day before the presentation that they bet on defense, and to some extent show that they reached To him today, Maud tells NetVision on Tuesday morning.

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– In fact, this is a cunning ploy to ensure that Knut Storberget and the Defense Committee do not get the approval they probably deserve, says Mudd.

– Another amusing explanation is that the Defense Committee led by Knut Storberget has considered the fundamentals of defense and security policy issues, and that Labor and Saturday think they have a lot to lose by not coming forward on the Defense Committee. Hence we can hope for the latter, it is not just a communication technique to render the message harmless, he says.

Modd’s criticism was addressed by the MoD, Finance Ministry and Prime Minister’s Office on Twitter via email and SMS, but has not yet responded to Netavien’s inquiries.

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Defense Policy Recommendations

In May, three important recommendations will be presented to the government. Reports to the Defense Committee and the Full Readiness Committee (led by former Chief of Defense Harald Sund), as well as the Defense Chief’s Council of Military Experts.

– There will be three boards that will shape the further development of the Norwegian Armed Forces, Chief of Defense Erik Kristoffersen told Netavisen before.

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