Rome, forgery | Sold fish cakes for NOK 8,000 – should go to jail

Rome, forgery |  Sold fish cakes for NOK 8,000 – should go to jail

The man was sentenced to three months of non-parole and two months of non-parole.

Using a card terminal without a display, he defrauded himself of almost NOK 180,000. Romerikes Blad.

– Frauds were committed by the accused entering wrong numbers into the payment terminal he used, which then led customers to pay more for the item they received than what was in the contract.

According to the judgment of Romerike and Glåmdal District Court, the amounts varied from approximately NOK 3,000 to almost NOK 30,000.

Among other things, a woman from Horton paid NOK 8,000 for a fishcake.

The fishmonger often only added an extra zero to the amount they agreed upon. As a result, customers do not realize that they are paying per kilo of pig.

In addition to the prison sentence, the man must pay more than NOK 130,000 in restitution to his former clients, the newspaper writes.

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The newspaper writes that the man had been driving elderly people out of large sums of money for months. When the case went to Eidsvoll court on Thursday morning, the fishmonger pleaded guilty.

Frauds were mainly committed against the elderly.

The 40-year-old man allegedly committed 12 individual scams in Romerik and elsewhere in eastern Norway.

He has previous convictions for similar matters and was fined in November 2022 for fraud, theft and embezzlement.

– As can be seen, the accused was previously sentenced and served a community sentence. However, the accused continued the crime for profit, writes the court.

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In addition to the three-month suspended sentence, he will receive an additional two-month suspended sentence as a result of his prior history.

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