A strong earthquake shook the whole of western Norway – NRK western Norway

A strong earthquake shook the whole of western Norway - NRK western Norway

At 06.32, an earthquake 138 kilometers west of Floro in the North Sea between Stott and Faroe Islands.

– We get strengths from 4.4 to 4.6, depending on which estimate we use, says Berit Marie Storheim, senior engineer in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Bergen.

The epicenter was reported below the epicenter, at 5.1 on the Richter scale. It has been very powerful since 1989.

– Unusually strong earthquake occurred. We think the strength is 5.1, so it will be felt over a much larger area, says Ann Stromman Lick, CEO of Norcer.

– It’s been very powerful since 1989, he adds.

– Snoring b

Although the quake was large, Lycke was not afraid of earthquake damage or tsunami.

– To get tsunami or tidal waves, the strength should be between six and seven. Bases and oil installations are well-dimensioned for this, but I hope they are well aware of it, Lycke adds.

Closed: Equinor has now closed Snorre B as a precautionary measure after Monday morning’s quake.

Photo: yvind Hagen / Equinor

Equinor reports before 8 p.m. Snorre B shuts down the operating system After the earthquake.

– No damage was reported to the installation, not to the sea. All the staff are well taken care of and the situation is good. But as a precautionary measure we have stopped production until further investigation, says Kisley Ledel Johannasen Equinor to NRK.

They will now send underwater robots (ROVs) to investigate the installation.

Lars Ottermல்லller on the Norwegian National Seismic Network says such strong earthquakes are rare for the NRK. This area in the North Sea is very susceptible to earthquakes.

– This is actually the most common area of ​​earthquakes. But in this strength it is rare. He says it could happen at intervals of ten to twenty years.

Fear of home

Monica Howland Berg of Forces in Stavanger tells NRK:

– Suddenly the whole bed and the whole house shook. I have grown three dogs in the bedroom. I grabbed the dogs with me and took them out because I thought the house was collapsing now, she says.

Monica Howland Berg

Fear: Monica Howland Berg of Stavanger thought the whole house would collapse.

Photo: Private

She was afraid the house would smoke.

“I’m still trembling. It was so strong to experience this,” he says

– Scream heard

The quake was felt well across western Norway. The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued.


Austin:Suddenly I thought the dryer went by itself !!!



Monica:The whole house trembled at 0630 in Forres. I ran out of the house fearing it would collapse because it was old. Did the earthquake occur?



Rat:The house shook and made a noise thinking it was the truck that went with the excavator.



Anne-Britt:It also shook Edne in western Norway. When the first little roar came I was doing an embroidery on the quill, a few seconds later all over the house. My dog ​​and I barked loudly and sat in our house in fear.



Elizabeth:Voss felt good, especially in the Balkans. At first I thought it was a helicopter flying very low. I was a little scared.

– I lay unconscious in bed, noticing the glass panels shaking, it was noisy for a while, I thought it was a landslide, but I also thought about the earthquake, writes Holtis Glenn for NRK in Fortune, Western Norway.

– Svein Erik Dyrseth in Averøy in Møre og Romsdal writes that I heard noise and felt like there was a truck outside the house.

There are also reports from people who felt the quake in Australia.

Rune Johansson from Konsberg writes to NRK:

– I sat down at the table and felt a slight tremor with a sort of sound. It lasts four, five seconds. He writes that I was never sure about an earthquake before this.

Per Olav Bacon, a resident of Haikon in Askar, also observed the quake.

People in envre Eiker in Viken are also said to have felt the quake.

– There was a slight shake and murmur in the glass, it says in an email sent to NRK.

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