Alaska: Man following a bear for a week in the woods

This case is like a low budget sequel to a Hollywood movie »The Revenant« Mid Leonardo DiCaprio. In the forest Alaska A man was attacked by a bear a week ago.

With great luck, a Coast Guard team found the injured man from a helicopter, officials said.

During a flight between the cities of Godsebu and Nome in the far northwest of Alaska, the man was spotted at a mining camp last Friday – thanks to an “SOS sign above a hut”.

At first the team only saw the sign, but then found the missing person on another extra trip. The helicopter changed course due to the weather, so it flew over a very distant camp.

Troops found the man with injuries to his leg and upper body and took him to a hospital in Nome. Injured parties said the injuries were caused by a bear attack. But there is no danger.

After the attack, the bear returned to the camp at night for a whole week and followed the man. Friends of the man said they could not find him because he failed to return to Nome.

Bear attacks are very rare

“We don’t usually see people in the woods,” said AJ Hammak, co-pilot of the helicopter. Der »New York Times. After landing, the tired man fell to his knees. “He was definitely like being out for a while,” Hummak said.

The state of Alaska in the United States has a very small population and is notorious for being untouchable. He is home Bears, black, polar and brown It is considered one of the largest in the world, including the Kodiak bear. Bear sighting is not uncommon in Alaska, but attacks on humans are rare.

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