News, Tatland | It will be a new payment solution

News, Tatland |  It will be a new payment solution

This week, a new parking company is taking over the payment solution for car parking with Light Trails in Toddland.

Parking fees have so far been managed by landlord Terje Ripple. While the company P-Norge now takes over this part of the job, it doesn’t mean any revolutionary difference to the space users. But for Ripple, everyday life is easier.

– Companies are very good at operating parking solutions. They are active in learning space, says Ripple.

People failing to pay themselves is a recurring problem in Totland. Last Sunday, eight out of 17 car drivers did not pay their parking fees, according to Ripple.

Now he hopes more people will pay for it.

– I have tried many different solutions, but now I have to bring in a professional. Only then will people get more respect. They are not obvious to the average landlord.

Paid out of pocket

Since 1988, Ripple has been ploughing, paving and maintaining the popular car park. He knows the space inside and out, he knows where to steer the cars so that things run as smoothly as possible.

He did not earn any money from this. Instead, he has paid out of his own pocket to get around at the popular exit car park.

After his previous tractor was destroyed, Ripple now had to invest in a new one to carry out the necessary maintenance on site. And he is clear that everything is done by the book.

– I have never received black money for this. I think it’s important for people to contribute to society.

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Only few pay parking fees. Now he is raising the price.

In the past, the parking chaos at Toddland has been written about. But according to Ripple, the car park has never been more chaotic.

– What creates confusion is that people park along the road and in the bus pocket, he says with frustration. This causes disruption to the movement of vehicles, buses and pedestrians in the area.

– I don’t understand why the municipality did not put up parking ban signs. It is about traffic safety.

I don’t want to scare people

With the new parking solution, Ripple hopes the economy will improve further. At the same time, he doesn’t want to scare people.

– Normal fee for non-payment of parking fee is NOK 600. In case you forgot we chose to invoice for 200. Everyone is welcome here, says Ripple.

Although P-Norge is now in charge of parking, he still stands and directs and has a good chat with the walkers.

– I kept this as a A one man show for many years. I like this job.

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– Is it selfish, or just to save 20 kroner?

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Here it is in full: – Never seen people behave like that before

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