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Star match

television: Updated: Damien is out of ‘Stjernekamp’.

We are halfway through this year’s “Stjernekamp” season. Tonight, participants will be able to learn about two extremes in the genre library – hip-hop and showmanship. Today’s guest judges are artists Jürgen Nording and Kari Bremen.

As always, we’re going through the shows song by song. I notice.

Hip Hop

Marie Bella: “Hope” – NF (2023)

Mary is a fine craftsman and someone who can turn her head with ease and face the challenges she faces relatively head-on. In other words, an evening like this, where participants have to master two very different genres, is a tour that should suit Marie’s taste.

She goes to work and her self-confidence has risen to just over half. I’ve noticed that she feels more comfortable singing the rhythm parts – she has a lot of work to do on the rap parts, and you can see the fear in her eyes when she’s running away. Although she almost bites her tongue in the process, she seems to be getting through most of it. The degree of complexity here is at the highest level.

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Strange Rene Andersen: “Ugly on the back” – OnklP & De Fjerne Slektningene (2014)

Odd René has chosen the “Ugly Backpack” worry bag. Was it so wise? Yes and no – Odd René doesn’t do much wrong, but there’s not much to understand here in terms of musical means beyond communication.

You have the kind of living life of OnklP and the laconic, half-mumbled rapping to really feel the nervousness in the song. Perhaps this speaks more about the uniqueness of the creator than Odd René’s abilities as an artist. He wants a lot, but it’s a bit difficult to believe in him.

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Damli ringtone: “Kites” – Museum of Islamic Art (2008)

If Tony was credible as a real “gangster”, we shouldn’t get so attached to her. Or no – it doesn’t have that credibility – there will be something very white and white about the whole thing.

However, it’s a great song that Tone clearly finds joy in performing. It’s fun, entertaining, and technically quite okay. Good mood and good energy are also a thing.

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Alexander with: “Who is She” – Arif Murakami (2019)

What a trip Alexander has been on this fall. Starting out on shaky legs, he gradually found a steadier footing and increased confidence with each round.

Here he excels technically in the melodic parts and in rapping. When it doesn’t follow the original, it finds its own solutions that work well. This delivery is full of nerve and charisma. I think you should resume your artistic career, Alexander.

Mega Magic, simple.

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Damian: “Intergalactic” – Beastie Boys (1998)

Damien has been consistent for the most part this season. In other words, the fact that he has found success in hip-hop, which is his home country, is not a huge surprise.

Damien has skills, as they say, radiance and energy. This will make gunpowder. There’s not much he can get arrested for, other than he might make it too easy on himself.


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Marie Bella: “It’s Over” – Trygve Skog (2016)

As guide Carey pointed out at the beginning – you’re pretty technically proficient. It is clear that Mary is unable to completely quell the vibrations and all the other spices. It gets a bit ornate and generally full of pathos. Plus, it slides a little between the blocks. Not quite a blow, that.

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Strange Rene Andersen: “Our Best Day” – Eric Bye (1998, published 2003)

Odd René is clearly in a more comfortable place in the vise. Eric Bye was naturally not a technician of the highest order, so how could he capture the simple and true communication that lies in the lines of his poetry. Odd René takes off his clothes, closes his eyes and conveys warmth in his own way. We easily believe this. Greeted with dignity and respect.

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Damli ringtone: “Josephine” – Albin Lee Mehldau (2021)

What can be said that hasn’t been said before? Toon is a warm and good singer, but she needs motivation to be able to make a difference – reading – a challenge. Here, there will be a lot of wooden driving. Beautiful and amazing, but there doesn’t seem to be much going on here. The lyrics flow and delight, but there is little nerve or real emotion at play.

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Alexander with: “Love Song” – Halfdan Sivertsen (1979)

Alexander sings beautifully again. But this time he suffers a little from the same thing that Toon did before him. There will be something safe and reliable about the whole thing. There’s something about the rough, earthy feel of the original that disappears in all of Alexander’s soft, dove tones. In short – it would simply be a sugar trick.

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Damian: “Grandpa in life” – Odd Nordstoga (2011)

There’s basically a fairly high potential for goosebumps here. And if there’s anyone who can relate to the sobering mood of this song, it’s Damien. Unfortunately, he struggles to hit the notes. It’s often difficult to sing calmly and confidently, and although Damian smiles bravely, it’s clear he knows he’s up to something and rides the tunes. He has warmth and nervousness in equal measure.

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