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In Colombia, a woman had a dangerous accident while jumping funky. Yesinia Morales Gomez († 25) jumped from a bridge almost 50 meters high.

Tragedy: Apparently, the young woman thought she was allowed to jump – well, she was with her boyfriend, and she was standing next to him on stage. Several media outlets reported unanimously.

Tragedy: Young Yesinia thought her tab was allowed – but it was for her boyfriendPhoto: Yesinia Morales / Facebook

The incident took place on Sunday near the town of Fredonia in the Colombian province of Antioch. Yesinia Morales Gomez and her boyfriend went to a bridge where tourists and locals could go to a depth of almost 50 meters.

Her boyfriend of 25 years was also standing on the bridge with each other and they were already tied in armor. However, the bungee rope was only attached to the man’s legs, but not to the path of Yesinia Morales Gomez.

The 25-year-old was buried near the famous Cocaine Fortress Medellin

The 25-year-old was buried near the famous Cocaine Fortress MedellinPhoto: Yesinia Morales / Facebook

Fredonia Mayor Gustavo Guzmn told local media: “He is confused. His friend, who was already attached to the rope, was given a jump signal. “At the time of the tragic tab, only the seat belts were attached to the prosecutor.

After the fall, paramedics rushed to the injured woman, but were only able to determine her death. According to a doctor, he had already suffered a heart attack when he fell.

Yesinia Morales Gomez was buried near the infamous Cocaine Fortress Medellin. Her brother Andres told reporters in his condolence: “My sister is a happy person who loved her friends and helped people in need.”

Mayor Gustavo Guzman said there are two companies that offer bungee jumping on the bridge. None of them are allowed to make tabs. Local police are now investigating the death of the young woman.

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