Tunnel fire – chaotic situation

Tunnel fire - chaotic situation

Police have been notified of a fire in a vehicle inside the Oppljo subway in Nordfjord.

– This is a confusing situation. The tunnel is closed. The West Police District wrote on Twitter at 13.19am on Tuesday that Nad Tedatane was on his way to town.

Dramatic Images: Smoke billows from the Oppljö tunnel. This image was taken from the camera of the Norwegian Public Road Administration and shows the Longwatnet and the eastern opening of the tunnel. Photo: Norwegian Public Road Administration

– We work to get information from the city. Residents in the city say a vehicle caught fire inside a tunnel two kilometers from Strinicida. Operations Manager Eric Loftesness tells West Police District Cunninghampton at 13.38 that we have not yet arrived.

– Do they know if there are more people in the subway?

– We don’t know that at the moment. Police say Naddatane has not yet arrived in the city.

The light tunnel is about 4.5 km long.

At Vegtrafikksentralen Vest, Sunnmørsposten was informed that there was no camera surveillance in the tunnel. So they know nothing but what was made known to them by Nouveau.

Update: 14.07pm: All naudetatane city and work to get an overview. Limitation of unknown events. The air ambulance is in the city and the rescue helicopter is sent towards the city.

Sunnmørsposten updates the case

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