Russia banned from international sports

Russia banned from international sports

Synchronized As a desperate journalist on Russian TV last night sneak into Behind the news anchor on the first propaganda channel with a poster with a prayer on it stop the warbecame the best assistant to the Norwegian sports politician Vladimir Putin.

It was very involuntary. Øyvind Waterdal., deputy board member of the Norwegian Sports Federation, is against Putin’s war.

But when the Sports Council banned Russian athletes that day, he did not want to take part in this decision:

It’s a decision that goes against my values ​​and my realization of what the sport should beAnd the Wrote It is for the rest of the members of the council, and taking the result to withdraw:

Therefore, I have decided that I do not wish to represent or participate in this decisionAnd the to explain He chose to stay away from driving in Norwegian sport.

Last night, this somewhat anonymous Norwegian became the frontrunner in Putin’s internal propaganda war in a matter of a few hours. It happened just as it happened with the brave Russian TV journalist who demanded “No to war” Throw in prison:

Do not believe the advertising. You are lying to meAnd the It was on her poster in the TV studio..

But Putin’s propaganda continues. This is the brutal truth of the Russian truth game.

we In Western culture he stands up to the autocratic Vladimir Putin’s understanding of reality precisely so that random people like Oyvind Waterdale are allowed to think as he pleases.

It should be fair to say that all sports and play should take place regardless of big politics. I disagree. Here, it is Putin who has been abusing the best sports for years. Then it was important to meet the dictator’s propaganda sports, Just With Well thought out exclusion from Russia. I thought, and in the end too The Commission in the Norwegian Sports Federation.

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But there is a difference of opinion. And you shouldn’t be thrown in jail for a different opinion.

Like the brave Russians who dare it Act Against Putin’s war. just to They end up in court He is in danger of imprisonment. This is yesterday’s TV reporter’s punishment slap Because her case attracted a lot of international attention, and it is better for her to pay a fine to Russian PR.

He. She On the other hand, the Norwegian sports politician ended up making the biggest headlines in the Russian sports media.

First, via the Instagram account of Russia’s new skate favorite Veronika Stepanova:

I was not very fortunate to have met Mr. Waterdale in person, but I am glad that not everyone is in the West; Especially in Norway, you support the illegal and immoral decision to ban Russian athletes from international competitions just because we are Russianwrote Stepanova early last night.

And therefore It went quickly. Immediately after that it was the most important sports name for Russia Dmitriy Guberniev In the largest sports website to explain the importance of the Norwegian reaction:.

This Norwegian understands that! He has a conscience who cares about sports. Just like the rest of usAnd the And therefore Guberniev.

How symbolic is the Norwegian doing this?asked the reporter.

It’s hard to imagine. Norwegians know that the sport originated across national borders. Professors like Klæbo and Bolshunov not only represent their nations; They represent all of humanityAnd the Tell Dmitriy Guberniev was enthusiastic and assured that the Russians would be interested in this brave Norwegian sports politician who refused to help ban Putin’s advertising sports.

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about That’s exactly what this is.

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From NRK yesterday afternoon I showed Deputy Representative Oyvind Waterdahl had left the board of directors of the Norwegian Sports Federation because he had no conscience to exclude anyone from the sport, it only took a few hours before the Russians took control of his emotions.

record To showing the progress of the case. The interview with Dmitrij Guberniev was published at 20.27. Then followed the dispute over the stars in Russian sports propaganda praising Widthall:

We are grateful that he loves us. The Norwegians understand everything we’ve done. Also in figure skatingAnd the confirmed Legendary figure skating coach Tatiana Tarasova It’s 20.44.

brave and honest workAnd the And therefore Olympic triple skater Irina Rodnina It’s 20.49. She is now a member of Putin’s party in the State Duma.

Then came the first conspiracy message Weave on the news already in. At 21:00 Guri Borodavko signed; He. She discuss The coach of the Russian national team who became the great hero of his homeland when Alexander Bolshunov and his other runners dominated the track during the Beijing Olympics.

Gauri Borodavko He is an old Russian school coach. He often has a plot story to tell about Norwegian sports. Even here too:

This is the work of an honest man. It reflects the ideals of the Olympic movementAnd the I started Borodavko story. By the way, without much thought about it mouse slots The Russians used to have access to it dops fraud For cross-country skaters at the Sochi Olympics, he was not an Olympic model.

A person outside politics clearly understands the current situation. You don’t have to look for icons here. There are honest people everywhereAnd the advertiser Borodavko, who hardly watched Taj in this question.

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Then this Russian coach launched the theory that Oyvind Waterdahl Really got kicked out By the Norwegian Sports Federation Board of Directors:

It is clear that this “voluntary departure” may be forced. I think the Norwegian Sports Federation was under official pressure, and this expulsion was agreed upon by forceAnd the And therefore It’s for It’s 21:00 last night.

And then it’s actually twelve and five for Putin’s propaganda sport.

about Today, former Norwegian Sports Federation board member Oyvind Waterdahl is back at the top of the Russian news photo, and says exactly what the Russians want to hear:

It is terrible that all practitioners are banned. Spectators pay to watch them compete. Many leaders act like politicians, while I am only the spokesperson for practitionersAnd the Says It is broadcast on the leading sports channel Match TV:

I wanted to show my disagreement with the Norwegian sports decision. I do not support exclusion of any practitioner. Now you have received a lot of support, which shows that what you did was rightcontinued.

And so Russian sport under Putin continues to destroy itself.

about A sport that wouldn’t take into account that it really became the last decade Maltreatment By the aggressive nationalists of Vladimir Putin, they will unfortunately remain excluded.

This is how Russian fraud lives. But they still cheat themselves the most.

For this version of the best sports is coming never as usual in international competitions.

Simply because it reminds us so much of the war.

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