Russia, murder | Horror figures about Russian soldiers and murders

Russia, murder |  Horror figures about Russian soldiers and murders

In 2023, 116 Russian military personnel were convicted of murder, an increase of almost 900 percent compared to the previous year.

This was reported by the independent news site Mediazona and confirmed by a British Ministry of Defense correspondent Interested in trade.

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According to official data released by Russian judicial authorities, the number of murder convictions increased significantly from 13 in 2022 to 116 in 2023. The British Ministry of Defense cites post-traumatic stress and insensitivity to violence as possible causes, which are exacerbated by alcohol and drug use among prisoners. Soldiers.

Reports also point to the problematic impact of integrating ex-convicts into the army. In an attempt to bolster forces in Ukraine, many prisoners have been granted freedom in exchange for military service, resulting in people with already violent pasts returning to society with few opportunities for rehabilitation.

New York times It highlights the controversial practice in which 15,000 pardoned prisoners were sent to the front lines with the Wagner and Storm Z group, and then returned to Russian society. Many of these committed new serious crimes after returning home.

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