Alexander Stockl announces a lawsuit against the Ski Association

Alexander Stockl announces a lawsuit against the Ski Association

Popular – and unpopular: Alexander Stockl was well-liked by the Norwegian public, but in January, the male jumpers had had enough and expressed their lack of confidence. Photo: Frode Hansen/VG

Alexander Stockl (50 years old), national coach of the Norwegian ski jumping team, was informed in a letter of a lawsuit against his employer – the Norwegian Ski Association.

This has been confirmed by VG from several sources familiar with the matter.

The notification must have been sent to the law firm Elden, which represents the Norwegian Ski Association in this case. The background is the inflammatory dispute between the national team's jumpers and their coach:

Because after the athletes expressed their lack of confidence in writing at the end of January, Stöckel felt he had been suspended by the Norwegian Ski Association:

The Austrian does receive a salary, but he cannot carry out his work duties. From what VG practically understands, he considers himself fired.

Neither Alexander Stockl nor his lawyer wish to comment on this information.

– As in the past, we also now do not wish to comment on an ongoing issue with an employee of the association, says Secretary General of the Norwegian Ski Association Arne Baumann.

Stöckl's contract expires in two years.

VG understands that there has been dialogue between the two parties about a final agreement. The negotiations have made no progress, and now the Norwegian Ski Association risks sparking another public row instead.

VG also understands that Stöckl had offers from other countries in the sport of show jumping, but the 50-year-old initially wanted to continue working in Norway.

Critical message

The dispute came to the fore after several years of hype in the Norwegian jumping camp. But at the same time Class Braidy Clutches I was about to leave show jumping in favor of a job in the civil service, and suddenly Alexander Stockl was the center of attention:

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At the end of January, the show jumping team met in Kulm, Austria. Also present during the ski flight restroom was the head of the jump committee, Stine Corsen.

She received a message from the national team players: severe criticism was leveled against Alexander Stokel. The coach's attitude and behavior were pivotal.

Stöckl has been the jumping coach of the Norwegian national team since 2011. He has been very popular in the environment and in the Norwegian public. But now that was enough.

Stine Corsen, on behalf of the jump committee, is said to have contacted Stockl on the evening before her departure for the United States the following week. The national team coach took this to mean that he should not board the plane the next day.

Chairman of the jumping committee: Stein Corsen. Photo: Gisel Odstad/VG

So Stöckel stayed home. Firstly from the trip to the USA. Then we moved to Japan, then to competitions in Germany and Finland

The Austrian also did not stand with the flag in the escape race during the “Raw Air” competitions on the Norwegian snow. Pro Clas Brede Bråthen had just finished the day. At the same time, he treated her mercilessly he It was experienced through an interview at VG.

Stine Korsen did not comment on VG's information in this case.

My criticism: Johan Andre Forfang faced dissatisfaction with Alexander Stöckel. Photo: Ole Christian Ström/VG

Johann Andre Forfang has put forward the male mares' point of view on this matter.


At the end of February, it was claimed that Stöckl was on a “sympathy tour” in the media when the coach appeared on the Dagsnytt Atten programme.

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– I'm basically too excited to continue. The challenge now is that everything that has happened, especially in the last three weeks, is affecting my health. At the moment I'm very far downstairs. “I think I have to take care of myself and my family to ensure my survival,” Stockl said in the NRK studio.

Furfang later expressed regret for his statement.

However, he has been highly critical of what has happened in public discourse in recent weeks.

– There is a lot that comes from one side, but not from our side. “It quickly becomes ridiculous when the other party has to make a statement about what upset us athletes,” Forfang told VG at one point.

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