Russia sharply attacks Jens Stoltenberg: – Criminal hypocrisy

Russia sharply attacks Jens Stoltenberg: – Criminal hypocrisy

– This is pure hypocrisy, criminal hypocrisy, not just a digression from an annoying question or an unpleasant topic, no, this is criminal hypocrisy, this is a lie, this is a pure lie, says Zakharova, according to the news agency. TASS reproduced before TV 2.

Maria Zakharova is the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry. The background to the attack on NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg is his repeated claims that NATO is not part of the conflict in Ukraine.

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Zakharova’s statement comes after Germany and the United States decided on Wednesday to send tanks to Ukraine, and many other countries followed suit with their own announcements – including Norway.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg’s repeated statements that NATO is not part of the conflict in Ukraine sparked reactions in Russia. Photo: Markus Schreiber/AP/NTB

– This is very good news from Norway. Stoltenberg told NTB that the Norwegian tanks, along with contributions from other NATO countries, would make a difference for Ukraine on the battlefield, and enable Ukraine to liberate countries currently occupied by Russian invasion forces.

Norway currently has 36 Leopard 2A4 tanks in operational service. It is not clarified how many of these will be sent to Ukraine. The bogies are 40 years old, and the Norwegian Armed Forces have long planned to replace them.

Ask for more help

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked again on Friday for more military aid.

Russian aggression can only be stopped with satisfactory weapons. Zelensky said in his daily video address that the terrorist state is not able to understand anything else, referring to the recent wave of Russian attacks.

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– The president said that every Russian missile against our cities, every Iranian drone used by terrorists, is an excuse for more weapons.

He thanks Canada, the last country to pledge tanks to Ukraine. This means that a dozen countries have now pledged to join what Zelensky calls a “tank coalition”.

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