Sandra Laing: With the settlement:

Sandra Laing: With the settlement:

“FOr you’re the one avoiding the beach because you don’t feel comfortable in a bikini,” Sandra Ling, 36, wrote in a candid Instagram post.

Summer has arrived with great fanfare and Norway has already experienced a heat wave by Norwegian standards, even though we are only in June. Many have taken their first plunge, while others have held out a little longer – despite the fact that it’s summer heat here.

The moment that changed everything

The moment that changed everything

Many hesitate to jump into bikinis and splash on the beach. Sandra Ling believes it has a lot to do with the body pressure we are exposed to through social media.

She’s now addressing expectations of what we should look like, and addressing everyone who doesn’t feel comfortable on the beach in a bikini.

Sandra Ling was put out while performing “Shallow” on the new TV2 “Secret duets”. Video: Klaus Fielro/Red Runner/TV2.
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He himself was affected by the pressure of the body

She’s adamantly against retouching, which we’ve all been exposed to in magazines and TV ads all the time. With the advent of social media, there have been no regulations about the use of retouched images either. She believes this has damaged many people’s self-image and caused unnecessary physical stress in society.

She herself was moved by what she saw, comparing herself to the women she saw in photographs with chalky white teeth, smooth skin, and narrow waists.

- It's not right for me

– It’s not right for me

in 2022, Marketing law changed. Retouched ads should be labeled to counteract body pressure – especially among children and young adults.

However, the 36-year-old is concerned about the impact of social media and photo retouching on young people. She herself had her insecurities about her appearance, but today she is in a place where she chooses to look at what is often retouched away—as something beautiful that tells a story about the person wearing it.

return flight: Over the weekend, a photo of reality star Khloe Kardashian, 36, went viral on social media in a leopard-print bikini that wasn’t quite edited. The photo went viral on social media, and now she’s responding. Video: Watch and Hear
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Sadly, we ever feel that we have to change our appearance before we can share it with the world. Then something is wrong with the world, if you ask me. Or social media, Sandra said KK interview her in 2022.

“Now I know wrinkles are just signs of smiling and laughing, stretch marks or tiger stripes show you’ve grown up, and yes you probably made people small! Cellulite is dimples somewhere other than your cheeks, and pimples mean you’re…simply human. But maybe best of all, I’ve learned to be happy about it,” she writes in gasps of joy in the comments section.

- Everything was

– Everything was “fake”

Someone writes: “I totally agree, this message is very important to get across!”.

“Naturally more beautiful!” Write another, and get support from a group of committed users.

This influencer was a little shocked when she saw the results after her lip tattoo. Video: Tiktok / Youtube
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In the post, the artist and influencer shared two versions of the same photo — one retouched and one natural.

The body has endured a lot

The message to the mother of young children is simple; She wants to show that life is much more than looks and inspire to create a life that feels good to live by being happy with who you are.

“For those of you who avoid the beach because you don’t feel good enough in a bikini. Or wear black when it’s hot to look ‘skinny.’ Or for those of you who don’t dare to dance, because, you know, you’re afraid of looking weird.”

Taken at face value: - Not essential

Taken at face value: – Not essential

The 36-year-old has been in a relationship with Lasse Joachim Langerud since 2016, and in 2018 they became parents to a boy.

She is proud that her body has given birth to a baby, it was sick two years ago with the kissing bug and virus, but she is still in a place today where she feels she has a strong body that can run, feel, smile and play.

During a live broadcast before Gullruten 2023, presenter Jonas Hammer got confused. Video: Red Runner
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“My body is MAGIC and so is yours (I hope you know that, honey). And there’s something else about “aging” — literally — the feeling that we’re not as good or nice as we get older,” she concludes.

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