Sarah Emily Tandberg on Christmas Dinner

Sarah Emily Tandberg on Christmas Dinner

In a post dated Instagram Says Influencer and “Bloggers” Sarah Emily Tandberg (30) She was at her first birthday party.

At the same time, she addresses others who have experienced feeling outside in this context.

She writes, among other things, “If you are one of those who get a stomach lump from the word, I want to give you a big hug and say you are not alone.”

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– I felt very lonely

– I thought a lot about it, because this was my first birthday party. I’ve just turned 30, and I’ve never been to a Christmas party before, Tandberg tells Se og Hør about the background to the post, and continues:

– I well remember going into the November/December period and feeling like Christmas parties were something everyone went for. Then I felt like I was one of the few who had never been, and I felt so lonely.

Tandberg believes it’s important to remind people that not everyone is going to a Christmas party.

In front of Se og Hør, she also told more about why she herself did not participate in such events.

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– I was sick, which meant I didn’t go to work, so I didn’t attend the Christmas party in the course of work, says Tandberg, referring to the fact that she was disabled for a long time due to a ME diagnosis.

Then came the Corona pandemic, which set its limits.

– I’ve always had girlfriends, but it wasn’t a gang. So I fell a little outside.

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– He got a bit of a coup

Tandberg describes that she turned on social media during those periods and saw all the pictures from those enjoying Christmas parties, and that she heard many stories about how much fun she had.

– The ex was on a bunch of Christmas parties with the boys gang and at work, she says, and adds:

FIRST CHRISTMAS TABLE: Here is Sarah Emily Tandberg at her first Christmas table.  Photo: private

FIRST CHRISTMAS TABLE: Here is Sarah Emily Tandberg at her first Christmas table. Photo: private
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– So I was sitting at home with the kids while he was at the Christmas party. So I felt it every year. It just isn’t a good feeling.

Tandberg maintains that she has not been left out and that it is not a matter of not having people around her.

– What do you think is the solution to the problem?

– First of all, it is good to normalize the fact that there are many people who did not come to the Christmas party and that it is okay that there are no taboos. Because I felt like people thought it was so weird that I hadn’t shared it before, says the influencer, and adds:

– Then you don’t feel lonely, because when I shared this now, I got many messages from many people who have never been to a Christmas party. It’s nice to hear that there are more of you out there, so you don’t feel left out or different.

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Tandberg will now encourage you to look around a bit and be good at inclusion and advocacy.

– How was your first Christmas table then?

-Very nice, but now I’m pregnant, so it was a bit of a coup, she laughs.

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