Sbanken customers are now losing Apple Pay. DNB thinks Apple is ‘holding back innovation’

Sbanken customers are now losing Apple Pay.  DNB thinks Apple is ‘holding back innovation’

Reportedly a time when Sbanken customers could put their physical card aside and use their mobile phone and Apple Pay to pay instead Aftenposten.

Sunday, August 27, 2023 is the last day you can use your Sbanken card to pay with Apple Pay. After the acquisition of Sbanken, DNB announced that the mobile payment option would disappear.

“Hinders innovation”

The reason is that DNB believes that Apple impedes innovation, freedom of choice and fair competition in the payment market when it denies payment services other than its own, NFC access on iPhone and Apple Watch.

More than 50 percent of Norwegian mobile phone users use an Apple iPhone.

The NFC chip, called Near Field Communication, is what makes it possible to pay by simply holding the phone in front of a payment terminal.

Aftenposten notes that it is possible to pay with Apple Pay even if you are a Sbanken/DNB customer. This is with the help of the Curve Bank Card which can be linked to all cards as long as they are Visa or Mastercard.

💡 Code Note 24: It was DNB that launched the Vipps payment service in 2015, and The bank has been hoping for a long time That Vipps should be able to operate in the same way, and compete on an equal footing, as Apple Pay on payment terminals.

Image: Sbanken promises not to fire any developers after the acquisition of DNB

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