School, Education | Headmaster leaves for the day: – I miss you

School, Education |  Headmaster leaves for the day: – I miss you

(Glåmdalen):The principal of Glommasvingen school, Ingrid Maria Ulheim, has reached a final agreement with the municipality of Sør-Odal.

This is clear from an email that has just been sent to all staff at the school.

Sør-Odal Municipality insists that she herself wants to resign.

Glommasvingen School gained national attention at the end of February this year when the school was partially closed due to staff shortages. The reason is LThe Honorable did not object to it Principal Ingrid Maria Ulheim and assistant principal Unni Annette Mundel resigned from their positions at the school.

Principal Ulheim had announced until May 20, but today, Monday, March 11, is the last day of work at Glomaswingen School, as he has chosen to enter into a redundancy agreement. Glåmdalen.

– My last working day

The chancellor's email, sent early Monday morning, stated:

“I have a final contract with the municipality of Sør-Odal, which means that it was my last working day at Glommasvingen school. I can only inform you today, for the reasons that I will not be able to go. You have kept me on my feet in this difficult time we are in now. Thank you very much for all your support, And thank you so much for all the effort and professionalism you put into truly caring for all the wonderful students. The school and SFO. I will miss you. I will clean my office soon and hope to be able to come to school one day later. Take care of each other.”

The email was sent on Monday morning. Glåmdalen has not yet succeeded in getting a comment from Ulheim.

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There has been a recent storm around the high school in Sør-Odal. Three weeks passed As the principal and assistant principal resigned from their posts, which led to employee protests. They expressed concern, they want stable management and they should be allowed to stay.

As a result, the employees did not come to work the next day and went on strike.

According to:

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Teachers don't meet – school closed

The school was closed on Wednesday, February 21 and most students had to be sent home.

No one would comment on why they chose to resign or what was behind it — the principal, the assistant principal, Mayor Knut Whittammer or Municipal Director Anita Orland.

The Glommasvingen case: it happened

The municipality thanks you for your efforts

Headmaster Ulheim has been relieved of duty at the school and the municipality of Chor-Otal until the deadline. Unni Mundal has agreed to act as Chief Minister from today.

In a statement issued jointly by the Headmaster, the Association of School Leaders and the Municipal Director, Anita Orland, they said:

– The Final Agreement is designed to provide peace of mind to the School and the Municipality for the benefit of Ingrid, the School and the Municipality. Both Ingrid and the municipality have reportedly agreed to be released from the contract. Ingrid would like to thank her for her efforts for the school, staff and students during her tenure at Sør-Odal.

We pCollaborates with the school

Sør-Odal Municipality says they will now sit down with the rest of the leaders at Glommasvingen School to find out how we can work together to take care of the school's staff and students.

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The press release said the recruitment process to find a new principal will begin immediately.

– We are working with the school to ensure future capacity in school management and this work is already underway. We invite store managers and security representatives to a meeting today at 15:00, we would like an initial meeting with FAU.

FAU: – Regret

The Parents Working Group previously said that they are too Concerned about the school situation.

– It's sad that we now have a situation where the principal is leaving, but it underlines how important it is to take action to deal with the problems at Glommasvingen school, FAU president Sarah Ringlund tells Glåmdalen.

– What are you doing next?

– What we are doing now is attending a meeting on Wednesday with politicians, staff and the education association. We will follow closely and get information on how the politicians are handling this situation. We need information and will request this from the Municipal Director and the Municipal Manager. We have not received any concrete information yet and are awaiting answers to the questions we asked last week. At FAU we have regular communication about how we will work and how we will inform parents.

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