Scientists now know how cats paint

Scientists now know how cats paint

The larger the animal, the longer the vocal cords usually are, and the lower the frequency of the sound produced.

Cats have relatively short vocal cords, which they use to make high-frequency sounds such as meows and screams. However, this does not explain how they can draw, and so far no scientist has been able to explain it.

But an Austrian study is now shedding light on this mystery.

By slitting the throats of eight dead cats, researchers from the University of Vienna investigated the widely held hypothesis that drawing relies on muscle contractions in the larynx.

The researchers found that the larynx makes a grinding sound when air passes through it.

This means that muscle contractions are not necessary for the cat to grind.

Instead, it is a unique connective tissue in the vocal cords that enables cats to grind.

Connective tissue reduces the frequency of sounds it makes, creating the sound and buzz we know as paint.

“Our studies of the anatomy of the larynx have revealed a unique cushion in the vocal cords of cats. This could explain how such a small animal can produce sounds at such incredibly low frequencies,” says Christian Herbst, co-author of the book. the study And acoustic researcher at the University of Vienna, V.A press release.

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