Narve Gilje Nordås about Gjert Ingebrigtsen’s wild prediction: – You are not the right navel

Narve Gilje Nordås about Gjert Ingebrigtsen’s wild prediction: – You are not the right navel

KLEPP (VG) Gjert Ingebrigtsen predicted before the season that Narve Gilje Nordås would make exciting progress. Now the guilty runner believes it is possible to steal the Olympic gold medal from Jakob Ingebrigtsen. He describes his progress as “ridiculous.”


According to Gilje Nordas, the coach struck a chord with his prophecy.

– He said before the season that I should run under 3.30 (in 1500 meters) and win a medal at the World Championships, he told VG.

– What did you answer Gert then?

-You are not staring at your navel properly. What do you do? The 25-year-old says with a smile and continues:

– After all, I didn’t even qualify for the World Championships in the 1500m and finished 17th in the 5000m during the European Championships last year.

But Geert Ingebrigtsen’s prediction has come true. The 1500m hurdles was reduced by an incredible 6.76 seconds (from 3.36.23 to 3.29.47). At the World Championships he took the bronze medal behind Jakob Ingebrigtsen’s silver medal.

In American runners’ forums, the tremendous progress was linked to doping.

– Naturally. Going from a pressure of 3.36 to 3.29 is ridiculous if you just look at the times in isolation. But you have to see what happened and what happens in training. They have no idea about that. You may have run this fast last year in track sessions. So, the level of training has not improved much, believes Gilje Nordas.

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She has it now Narvi Gilgi Nordas Laced up for another round. The Paris Olympics are the goal, of course.

“If I had a better result of a second or a half in the 1,500 metres, I would suddenly be a candidate for gold,” says Garboine.

– Can you beat Jakob Ingebrigtsen?

– We saw this during the bathroom. I was three hundred behind. So I definitely can. Not in the Diamond League, but in the World Cup, the Olympics or the European Commission? Zero problem. Narvi Gilgi Nordas says “everyone” can beat him there. Last year, he said no to continuing the coaching collaboration with Ingebrigtsen after they separated from his father due to a family feud.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen won an impressive gold medal at the Olympics two years ago, but has been outdone by Britain’s Jake Wightman and Josh Kerr in the last two World Cup finals.

– Because he didn’t Wild rabbitsWild rabbitsIn athletics, “hare” is an expression used to refer to renters. Speed ​​must be maintained during races so that the best athletes can achieve the best times possible. It is not permitted to be used in tournaments.You know, Narvi Gilgi Nordas comments.

-Does three hundred bother you?

– Not real. It’s a good thing I didn’t get everything at once. Makes me tougher. I want to do everything I can to pass it.

On the podium: Narvi Gilge Nordas (right) on the victory podium in the WC with Jakob Ingebrigtsen and world champion Josh Kerr.

Narve Gilje Nordås considered closing after the 2022 season.

– He says: – I thought I might have reached my highest level last year.

-I did everything I had to do. It was the perfect training. I wasn’t hurt and I wasn’t sick. Everything went well, but I didn’t improve at anything.

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– What is the difference for this year?

– Good question. Sometimes you have to stay in it for two years instead of one. The level was lurking there, but I never got out of it in competitions. It was a bit of bad luck. Today’s format did not match the race schedule and conditions. I didn’t think my level was as high as it actually was.

-Are you as surprised as everyone else?

– Yes. Actually more than that, he answers.

– You started the season with the simple push of a button. I felt better than ever and was able to build on that. I pushed from race to race. This has affected my mind and self-confidence,” says Narvi Gilgi Nordas. Around the same time, he fell in love with Oda Andersen Lundeby (age 21).

Close: Geert Ingebrigtsen and Narvi Gilge Nordas during the Trond Mohn Games in Bergen this season.

He is closely monitored during racing sessions. Geert Ingebrigtsen follows him meter after meter on a motorcycle. Narvi Gilgi Nordas says he trains “only” 20 hours a week.

– He then explains that each operating step should be as perfect as possible.

-Gert is very good at details. It’s been extreme over the last year and a half with him being just me and (Per) Svela as coach. Sometimes it’s annoying. I’ll admit it. When I’m tired and heavy and Gert comes on a motorcycle and makes a fuss about something or other. But in the end, this is exactly what is needed.

– Before I say anything, he sees the way I look. Sometimes I want to run 1000 meters faster when conditions are good on the training track. But then I don’t always get anything. I have to back off.

Training rounds must be delivered just in time.

– He says it’s not appropriate to run too fast.

Gilje Nordas is very happy with the season, but he was completely drained in the 5000m World Cup final. He finished in 14th place – 17 seconds behind gold medal winner Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

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– I think if the issue had not been there, 5000 would have been better.

He thinks of the icy front that still exists between him and the three Ingebrigtsen brothers.

– Do you believe there is a better solution in the Olympics?

– Absolutely. Olympiatoppen is responsible for the Olympic Games and the Athletics Federation is involved as part of our support system. I think they learned part of what happened this summer. It can’t be like this. We have to know that, answers Narvi Gilge Nordas, who met last week with Olympiatoppen and the Norwegian Athletics Federation about Olympic preparations.

– Do you think Geert Ingebrigtsen will be able to get on the field and warm up?

– Absolutely. But we didn’t talk about that at the meeting. The topic there was the sporting and financial arrangements leading up to the Olympic Games.

Training buddy: Per Svela (left) was the outstretched arm of Gjert Ingebrigtsen when the Narve Gilje Nordå school was followed around the races in the WC.

– What does it mean, from a sporting standpoint, that Gert will not be present in the World Cup races?

– Fortunately we had (per) a sevilla with us. He weighed well. He received instructions from Gert and participated in the warm-up. It was very important that Gert and I stayed in a different hotel than the rest of the team. Then it was completely out of the question for me to live with the rest of the athletes. We ended up outside, but it was really nice. We had peace and quiet and avoided the infection that was in the Norwegian camp.

Narve Gilje Nordås did not fully believe in Gjert Ingebrigtsen’s predictions ahead of this season. He believes that reaching the World Cup or Olympic finals, and perhaps winning a medal at the European Championships, is the ultimate he can dream of.

– The goal now is to at least win a medal at the Olympic Games next year, and hopefully it will be of a more noble value than this year. But many people think the same way and tighten every nail they have. I will do the same thing. Some come out strong and others burn themselves out. “I will take a risk next year and hope it will pay off,” he says.


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