February 1, 2023


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- So sorry - VG

– So sorry – VG

A little over a month before the World Cup in Oregon, the season opened in the worst possible way for Karsten Warholm (26). He crossed an obstacle before grabbing the back of his thigh.


There may be a decrease in compactness. It’s not fun to start like this, but I hope to come back stronger – I just have to fix this. This came completely unexpected, because I felt so good. Warholm: I’m so sorry World Athletics.

Coach Liv Olaf Alnes reported the following in an SMS to VG on Monday night:

“It’s impossible to get a definitive diagnosis of the injury now – I hope most of it is muscle cramps…!!! As always, it’s now also about making good, rational choices… He looked great in the warm-up and had no warnings on launch … »

Warholm’s season debut during the Diamond League tournament in Rabat was a real dip. Now the hope is that the injury will not be serious, and that he will reach the World Cup in a short time.

– It’s an injury due to stress, or something going on. That doesn’t look good, said NRK commentator Jan Post.

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Warholm was immediately in a conversation with Lev Olaf Alnes, and the photos showed he had an ice pack on the back of his thigh.

“I just hope it’s a cramp, and it’s not the fibers that smoke,” said NRK athletics expert Christina Vukicevic.

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A little over a month until the World Athletics Championships in Oregon, USA.

If it’s a proper stretch, it’ll take a quick 6 to 8 weeks, but there may be milder variants, Post said.

Perhaps the World Cup is not in danger.

– If he had been through the rip, he would have fallen straight to the ground, so I hope it wasn’t too dangerous. However, it’s an inappropriate time to get injured, Vukisevic says.

Christian Olsson has won gold at the Olympics, World Cup and European Championships in three steps. He now works as an athletics expert at SVT. Didn’t think it was shrinking.

– I’ve been involved in similar issues and they seem to be stretching, he says.

Warholm did not intend to compete before the Bislet Games on June 16, but he also changed his mind He still chooses to participate in Rabat, Morocco.

A huge favourite, Yasmane Kupello was the man with the second best personal record with a time of 47.81. It’s nearly two seconds worse than Warholm’s world record of 45.94.

American Khalifa Rosser won with a time of 48.25.

Earlier this week, talk about it It’s tiring to constantly hear the comparison with the world record.

– If it’s done for 45.94 every time, it can be tiring. It’s a very high standard, Warholm said.

The only other Norwegian to take part in Rabat is Moa Abounnachat Bollerød. He set a personal record of 1,500 meters with 3.41.16.

He finished fourteenth in the racetrack, and was won by Britain’s Jake Whitman, with a score of 3-32.62.

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