June 8, 2023


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The biggest and best mobile game in the world is now finished, totally free and totally awesome

The biggest and best mobile game in the world is now finished, totally free and totally awesome

The case is updated.

Blizzard Entertainment is one of the largest and most respected game developers in the world. The company’s portfolio is not very large or extensive, but one thing you can be sure of if you go to buy one or more of the company’s games, is that you will find quality at all stages.

Blizzard may be best known for its “World of Warcraft”, but game series like “Starcraft”, “Hearthstone”, “Overwatch” and “Diablo” should be known to more gamers. Blizzard games have always been an essential part of western popular culture and are always sold in sets and buckets when a new title arrives.

Next door to the company’s most popular game series is “World of Warcraft,” and Blizzard is notorious for “slowing down” when it comes to new titles. And since the first game in the series appeared in 1997, the company has released only two more in the series. Now the fourth has arrived and it’s not only completely free (without any reservations), but it’s also designed for smartphones and tablets in a way no other mobile game has.

formidable and enduring

So here we are not talking about any other mobile game that you collect in a couple of hours while you are constantly being interrupted by offers to buy all kinds of pointless coins in the form of gems, gems or any other spray. “Diablo Immortal” is an incredibly large and almost comprehensive role-playing game that the company could have called consoles like Xbox and Playstation for just over a thousand dollars if they wanted to.

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If you have a new and powerful mobile phone, you can set the resolution to “High”. Which makes the game look better than any other mobile game on the market. Photo: blizzard

But they didn’t want to.

The “Diablo Immortal” has been in development since the Napoleonic Wars or so, and it shows. Every little detail is a piece of hand stitch that perfectly adapts to your screen size, whether you’re playing on a mobile phone or a tablet.

What about the controls?

As we all know, the pressure sensitive glass panel is not the ideal controller for such a complex game like this. There are only a few titles for mobile that perform satisfactorily with a thumbs up on the glass panel. “Plants vs Zombies” is one, several bejeweled Candy-Crush-soda-pop-up-games are another, and apparently Blizzard’s first mobile game, “Hearthstone,” works perfectly.

But there is something else that lies under the title of the “Immortal Diablo”. The game uses the same controls as thousands of other Action RPG and FPS games on mobile. You can use your left thumb to control where you should go and the right for different commands. Anyone who has tried to play ‘Dungeon Hunter’ or ‘Call of Duty’ on mobile knows how counterintuitive and clumsy it can be. But with “Diablo Immortal,” Blizzard Entertainment has cracked a code. It just works like that. It’s hard to put their finger on the way they managed this, but it looks like it’s… 100% correct.

Continue where “Diablo 2” left off

“Diablo Immortal” continues the story where “Diablo II” (2000) ended. We are still in the haven of the world, and many famous characters from both “Diablo 2” and “Diablo III” appear.

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And let it be clear from the start, “Diablo Immortal” is by no means an abstract Diablo game where compromises have been made. The game is at least as large and comprehensive as its predecessor, and with the exception of the “dodge button”, you’ll find all the usual Diablo elements intact. What’s completely new in “Diablo Immortal” is that it is an optional multiplayer game. This means that you will always see other players around you, but whether you choose to participate in a group or guild is entirely up to you. You can join a smaller team at any time to go bananas in one of the Senior Slots (separate areas) or go for one of the hundreds of in-game “Rewards”.

The options you have for decorating and upgrading your score are at least as extensive and detailed as they are on PC and console. Photo: blizzard

It turns out that it is difficult to explain how the game “Diablo Immortal” managed to simplify such a complex and complex game for mobile and tablet without resorting to vulgarity. But the truth is that the company managed the seemingly impossible task of “translating” the control mechanisms from computers and consoles into a touch-sensitive screen.

Works best with the thumb

Diablo Immortal is also available as a PC beta (something we haven’t tested yet), and the game supports a number of third-party consoles that can be connected to mobile phones and tablets. It pretty much works that way, but the best feel and best way to control the game is to use your thumb on a small screen. Amazing, but real.

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Diablo Immortal is now available – and completely free – for Android, iOS, and PC. Admittedly, there is the potential for some microtransactions in the game, but nothing you need to spend money on. This is not a payment method to win in any way.

The best mobile game in the world? Yes, without a doubt. It is a huge technical feat that saves hundreds of hours accompanied by one of the best game series ever.