Search operation in Romsdalsfjorden for missing fisherman: – did not come home

Search operation in Romsdalsfjorden for missing fisherman: – did not come home

Photo: Kurt Wagon

After 4 pm, the family contacted the police when the man who went fishing did not return home.

Police and the main rescue center have launched a search operation in the municipality of Molte.

It informed First is Romstal's Budschke.

The reason is that a man does not return home after a fishing trip. Relatives could not contact him and informed the police.

– An old man went fishing this morning. He did not come home and the family informed us about this after 4 pm. Operations Manager Arild Wright tells VG at 5.15pm that we haven't found any trace of him or the boat yet.

All emergency services are on the move in and around Romsdalsfjorden to find the man.

– We were once in areas associated with a lot of resources, and now we start a new round in the same area. “We have no sign of human or boat movement outside our search area in Romsdalsfjorden,” Edvard Middelthon at HRS tells VG after 19:00.

Just before 11 p.m., the police's operations manager, Tor Andre Graeme Frank, says the search is continuing with unrelenting force.

In an update at 6.30pm, Reed said no trace of the man or the associated boat had yet been found.

– A more extensive search is underway in the entire fjord system south of Molde in the Moldefjord, Storfjord and Karlsøyfjord area.

– A search operation has been launched at sea, organized by the Central Rescue Service. Both boat and helicopter sources were included in the search. Additionally, volunteers who know the person and are known locally in the area contribute.

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Photo: Katarina Hovde / Romstalls Budstick

Reid says there's “cause for concern” because humans don't make noise for hours at a time.

– The hope is that he is safe, but we are now actively searching with a lot of evidence to find the man.

The operations manager doesn't know how cold the water is in Romsdalsfjord.

– Currently, we have a rescue helicopter that helps with the air ambulance. In addition, we have an ambulance boat and rescue boats and fire boats. Hans Jakob Gulliksen at the main rescue center (HRS) said at 17:35 that the coast guard was on its way to the area.

HRS was notified of the incident at 4:22 p.m.

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