Sees serious neglect of nuclear security by Russian forces – VG

Sees serious neglect of nuclear security by Russian forces - VG
Estonia: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg arrived in Estonia on Tuesday to meet with the Estonian defense.

At a press conference with NATO President Jens Stoltenberg and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Estonia said that Belarus has entered Ukraine and is participating in the conflict.


– We just learned that Lukashenko’s forces also entered Ukraine. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said Belarus is also involved in this conflict.

This is what Ukraine claimed too Earlier on Tuesday.

– Belarusian soldiers in the Chernihiv region, writes the Verkhovna Rada Twitter.

Just hours ago, the Belarusian president refused to allow the country into Ukraine.

“We also see a serious disregard for nuclear security by Russian forces,” Kallas said.

During the session, she expressed her support for Ukraine and that Estonia will continue to support the country.

We can’t stop until we stop Putin.

Putin was wrong

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is also in Estonia and began his plea by saying that the world has become a more dangerous place.

He also reiterated his support for Ukraine, but came with a clear message.

Wrong: Putin was wrong about Ukraine’s defense force, according to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

– I want to be absolutely clear: we do not want to fight Russian forces in Ukraine.

Several Western countries, including the United Kingdom, declared their support for Ukraine and imposed severe sanctions on Russia as a result of the invasion.

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Putin was wrong about two things. Ukraine’s defense force and the strength of Western society.

Earlier today, NATO President Jens Stoltenberg met the Polish President and is now in Estonia to meet with the soldiers defending Estonia.

Over the past few weeks in response to Russia, we have beefed up our defense presence in the air, land and sea with more than 100 aircraft on high alert. More than 120 ships from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.

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