Selena Gomez: She wants to delete her Instagram account

Selena Gomez: She wants to delete her Instagram account

Selena Gomez published a blog post about the war in Gaza and it was published.


The actress has now announced that she will be deleting her Instagram account. She wrote in a since-deleted post:

-I’m going to take a break and delete my Instagram account. I have finished. I do not support any of this,” Gomez wrote in the Stories post.

Like many others, she has seen that uproar can arise from getting her hand in the hornet’s nest, which is the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

She clearly did not take a position on either side, but wrote that she was heartbroken to see “the hate, violence and terrorism.”

– People being tortured, killed, or any expression of hatred against any group is terrible. “We must protect all people, especially children, and stop violence forever,” she wrote in the post.

– It makes me sick. “I wish I could change the world, but the Instagram post won’t let that happen,” she continued.

Something most people would probably agree on?

But no, there is still noise, he writes TMZ. Many accused her of not doing everything she could to help those in need, and she was also accused of trying to play the victim.

The Instagram account was still up and running for her 430 million followers on Friday morning at 04.34, so it is uncertain whether or not she will do what she announced.


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