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Skjåkheimen sjukeheim E. Starrem

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The municipality’s chief medical officer, Sondry Boe, confirms that an elderly patient at Skjåkheimen nursing home in Skjåk died on Friday morning, October 23.

Even if the patient has a serious underlying illness, the treating physician considers the cause of death to be COVID-19.

The deceased patient was fully vaccinated and confirmed to have coronavirus on Thursday.

After being admitted to Skjåkheimen, the patient has only been in contact with fully vaccinated health workers and it is not certain where the patient contracted the virus.

Work to clarify this will continue over the weekend. Municipal Reports.

Restrictions have been introduced

– There is no corona infection here yet, Bowie says.

He says the route of infection is currently unknown. 18 employees, visitors and patients have been confirmed infected.

– We tested all employees and close contacts, then visitation restrictions were entered. He says a one-meter rule and use of infection control equipment will be offered to employees.

The deceased patient was fully vaccinated. Everyone who has been in contact with the patient is also fully vaccinated.

expect more

Corona testing has just begun on close contacts, and Bowie says he wouldn’t be surprised if more people got infected.

– There may be more throughout the day. He says more tests will be done.

On Saturday 23 October, 543 new cases of corona were reported in Norway. That’s 209 more than last Saturday.

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Last week, an average of 564 infections were reported per day. The corresponding mean a week ago was 409.

The number of infected people in Norway exceeded 200,000.

It became known on Sunday night that more than 200 people were tested in Skjåk this weekend.

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