Proposes a controversial polar plan

Proposes a controversial polar plan

Global climate changes have led to Big changes in the Arctic, regions around the North Pole. Glaciers and snow cover are shrinking, which leads to the emergence of new plants and a change in the living conditions of many animals. The changes that occur here have an effect on the weather and climate elsewhere on Earth.

The same thing happens in Antarctica, regions around Antarctica. The temperature of the Southern Ocean is increasing significantly, affecting ocean circulation – which in turn affects the distribution of heat in the world’s oceans.

Now a group of researchers at Yale University suggests freezing plumes using a controversial method—and 125 military tankers are the focus of thinking:

They believe that aircraft can fly over regions and spray aerosol particles, which among other things reflect solar radiation into the atmosphere. According to them, it can help “lower” the temperature.

However, it would require 175,000 flights per year to have an effect, he writes Sky News. This, in turn, will lead to massive emissions of carbon dioxide, which are highlighted as the most central greenhouse gas behind climate change.

surprises: Simon Covey delivered a speech during the Climate Summit. He did it in a full suit with water up to his knees to show that the sea was rising. Video: YouTube / Simon Covey
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However, Sir David King, former chief scientist for British authorities and founder of the Center for Climate Reform (CCR) at the University of Cambridge, supports the proposal.

– The idea is to buy time while we reduce greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible, he tells Sky – and stresses it’s not a short-term plan.

His fellow CCR, Dr. Shaun Fitzgerald, says the use of carriers would not have been optimal, but:

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We are concerned about the climate changes we are seeing now. He told the channel that the matter is urgent now before it is too late.

However, much more needs to be done to implement the plan proposed by the researchers, as it requires widespread international agreement. And it will be expensive.

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