Several motorists drove straight for an ambulance, where the driver was hit by a moose and trapped. – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

Several motorists drove straight for an ambulance, where the driver was hit by a moose and trapped.  – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

On the morning of Saturday 14th January this year, the ambulance was on National Highway 25 from Drizil and not many kilometers to go.

Heidi Ostwang directed emergency services. A colleague was sitting in the back of the car with a patient.

Suddenly the situation became dramatic.

A big moose came out of nowhere.

– It was a bang I’ll never forget, says Heidi Ostwang.

The roof of the ambulance is pushed down. Heidi gets it in the head with a violent thump to the head.

Shards of glass fly into her face and eyes.

Damage: Asthwang received a car roof on his head and shards of glass in his eyes after the crash, but escaped without serious injuries.

Photo: Private

Fear of death

Upon impact, the moose was thrown onto the hood of the ambulance.

Finally it landed on the roof of the car. Ashtwang sat in the driver’s seat.

She could not open the door to get out as the roof of the car was clamped.

I was scared to death when I gave birth sitting up“I felt my last hour had come,” says the veteran ambulance worker.

Driver's seat: Here, ambulance driver Heidi Ostwang is stuck after hitting a moose, but none of the passing cars stop.

Driver’s seat: Here, ambulance driver Heidi Ostwang is stuck after hitting a moose, but no passing cars stop to help after the accident.

Photo: Police

He has 23 years of work experience. Now she was desperate and scared. She had never experienced anything like this.

Asthwang was able to inform AMK about the accident.

Firefighters had to cut away parts of the car before extricating Heidi Astwang from the driver’s seat.

Drove through

It was a little after six o’clock on this Saturday morning in January.

After the collision with the moose, two cars drove in separate directions past the ambulance, where it stopped in the middle of the tricycle in Hernes.

She saw the light from both films and now she hopes to get help. But both cars kept going.

The car clearly indicated that a traffic accident had occurred and that one or more persons might need assistance.

– When Heidi Ostwang says that the worst thing you can do is do nothing, when asked what she thinks about no one stopping to help.

Medical ambulance

Back in the driver’s seat: Asthwang continued as an ambulance driver after the horrific incident in January. The only evidence of an accident is a mark on the forehead.

Photo: Frode Meskau / NRK

Erling Enger is Heidi’s boss at the ambulance in Drizzle and Engerdel. He thinks it’s horrifying to see a broken-down ambulance in the middle of the road with blue lights on and no one stopping.

Enger says that people are afraid that maybe something has happened here and don’t dare to help.

Medical ambulance

Important: Enger is concerned about the safety of its employees. He thinks it’s inappropriate for any motorist not to stop to help an ambulance after being hit by a moose.

Photo: Frode Meskau / NRK


Not helping people in situations like this is a criminal offence, says police inspector Henning Klassy of the Inland Police District.

He refers to the Road Traffic Act.

An experienced police lawyer says the way the ambulance handled the moose collision left no doubt about the accident.

The motorists who passed only the crashed car could not be found.

Henning classy

to stop; It is a criminal offense to stand by and not help in such a situation, said Inspector Henning Claesi of the Inland Police District.

Photo: Bjørn Opsahl / NRK

– Often we have to help others, says ambulance worker Heidi Ostwang.

But the powerful collision on the moose did something to her.

She was still alert when she had to go out on an emergency call with an ambulance.

– I’ve always wanted to return home to my nearest and dearest, but it didn’t matter that it went well this morning, says Heidi Ostwang.

Medical ambulance

Back at work: Asthwang poses in front of an ambulance on his way to work. His job as a driver is to take the patients there safely.

Photo: Frode Meskau / NRK

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