Severe Warning: – It will be crushed

Severe Warning: - It will be crushed

In his speech on Saturday, Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned foreign actors not to interfere in Taiwan. The situation is currently very tense Between Taiwan and the Chinese authoritieswhich considers Taiwan a part of its territory.

– The foreign minister said: – We must decisively combat the activities of the separatists who want Taiwan independence, and we must take the strongest steps to oppose outside interference.

he added:

Wang said that any plan to interfere in China’s internal affairs would be strongly opposed by all the Chinese people, and any move to prevent China’s reunification with Taiwan would be crushed by “the wheels of history,” Wang said. hill.

Strong warning: Foreign Minister Wang Yi after his speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday. Photo: Mary Altaffer/AP/NTB
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The Chinese authorities are working for complete reunification with Taiwan and have made no secret of their desire to use force if reunification is not conducted peacefully.

Wang stressed that any attempt to “prevent China’s reunification” is doomed to failure.

– Wang said that only when China is fully unified can there be real peace in the Taiwan Strait.

consequence: The Chinese Ministry of Defense launched targeted military operations as a result of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Twitter Reporter/Cameron Video: Marth Tetter Guinness.
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Dangerous signals

In a meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Friday, the Chinese foreign minister made similar statements. There he said that the United States is trying to undermine China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity over Taiwan, and that the United States is sending ‘Crazy and very dangerous signals’ around the island nation.

Yi further stated that the more Taiwan works for its independence, the less likely a peaceful solution will be found.

Blinken called on China to work for peace and stability with Taiwan, stressing that this is necessary for regional and global security.

Meeting: US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken asked China to ensure peace and stability with Taiwan when he met his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in a meeting on Friday.  Photo: David Delgado/AP/NTB

Meeting: US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken asked China to ensure peace and stability with Taiwan when he met his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in a meeting on Friday. Photo: David Delgado/AP/NTB
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As stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov The United States is playing with fire around Taiwanwhen he addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday, according to the Reuters news agency.

In addition, Lavrov stated that the United States, with the help of sanctions, is trying to make the world its backyard.

Earthquake: A strong earthquake hit Taiwan on Sunday afternoon in the southeastern part of the island. Video: Dagbladet TV / Twitter
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One China principle

China and Taiwan have been separated since 1949 when the Communists won the Chinese Civil War and seized power on the mainland. The defeated Nationalists took refuge on the island of Taiwan.

Officially, Americans are strategically ambiguous about whether they want to defend Taiwan, but they are obligated by law to help Taiwan with equipment so it can defend itself. That is why the US State Department announced in early September that it would award Taiwan a $1.1 billion arms deal.

In 1979, the United States agreed that the authorities in Beijing would represent China at the United Nations and other international organizations. At the same time, the Americans realized that China’s position is that Taiwan is part of China, but without recognizing this.

The United States of America, Norway, the United Nations and the vast majority of countries in the world adhere to the “one China principle”, that is, only the authorities in Beijing represent China, and there is only one China.

Recently, several US politicians in Congress visited Taiwan, which sparked resentment in China.

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