Severe Weather Cocktails: – Storm, Snow and Winter Thunder

Severe Weather Cocktails: - Storm, Snow and Winter Thunder

On Saturday, police in Trentlock issued a clear warning to district residents: Stay home Sunday!

However, this is not an alternative to the police patrol from Arctil in response to a traffic accident in Hemney in the municipality of Hem on Sunday night in Trondhelac beach.

As they got out of the car, they felt the announced storm on their bodies.

– The wind was so strong that they could not stand upright. Meanwhile, operations manager Rune Brandmo says heavy snow was combined with lightning.

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Weather: Alejundi is hit by a storm. Photo: Fridgeir Walderhaug
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– Undoubtedly

Speaking to the Dagbladet operations manager at 6.30pm on Sunday, the patrol tries to get home to the service station in Orkdal.

However, the weather gods did not make it easy. A tree fell and two-thirds of the path they had to drive to get back was blocked. Also, a lorry train is parked along that route.

– So here are some challenges, says Brandmo.

The patrol says he is still returning home safely.

– They are coming home, but we need help to remove the tree.

When asked if the storm has arrived, the operations manager responds in cash:

– Undoubtedly.

– Moving quickly

On-duty meteorologist Martin Granerrod tells DocBlade at 6.30pm that he fully agrees with the operations manager.

– The storm hit the coast and is moving fast inland. You will notice this internally, too, Gronerod tells Dagbladet.

– Strong winds are blowing in many places now. The most powerful is in Gjemnes in Møre og Romsdal. It now has 18 recorded winds of 46.3 meters per second. It is worth noting that it is still at an altitude of 1000 meters, so there is a strong wind here than in many places, says Gronerod.

The hurricane’s strength of 46 meters per second is higher than the wind limit. Earlier on Sunday night, a bus overturned on the road in the area. Since the bus driver was the only one on the bus, he is unharmed.

Granrod says winds in many parts of the lowlands are now blowing at speeds of up to 30 meters per second.

The wind will be strong in the mountains and at the end of the coast, but it will be strong inland.

– The wind is now returning inland, which means we expect the wind to increase inland in the coming hours, the meteorologist says.

Lightning and snow

When asked about police observations of lightning in a blizzard, Granerød says this is an occasional occurrence.

– This phenomenon is called winter thunder. This happens when a building storm comes on the beach, and the combination of these rains makes it vulnerable to thunderstorms in these rains, he says.

– Meteorologist says tonight will be unsafe for lightning and thunder in some places.

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