Shall we dance, Alexandra Jonner?

Shall we dance, Alexandra Jonner?

Artist and influencer Alexandra Juner, 33, received more than just a standing ovation after she swung on the floor for the first time at “Skal vi danse” last Saturday.

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Joner impressed nine out of ten dance judges already on the first episode, and dance judge Merity Lingard, 61, thought, among other things, that Joner had now set the standard for what to expect from her in the future.

For his part, Gunner has been naturally overwhelmed, perhaps especially since the 33-year-old has left a difficult spring and summer behind him.

“Shall We Dance” is to the rescue

When Netavisne spoke to the 33-year-old during the launch of the “Shal vi danse” participants earlier this month, Juner made no secret that a big part of the reason she agreed to “Shal vi danse” was that she needed a glimmer of light during next fall.

In March it became known that Gunner and his partner of eleven years, investor Runar Fatni, 49, had chosen to separate.

“It ended over a month ago. This is a very private matter for us and we don’t wish to comment further on this,” was one of the things the 33-year-old wrote on his Instagram post at the time.

It is not known if the only reason why Gunner agreed to participate was the breakup, but Gunner has been dreaming of “Shall We Dance” for a long time. However, not as a participant.

In a recent episode of TV2’s reality series ‘Bloggers’, in which Gunner also appeared, it is revealed that she has long dreamed of becoming a presenter on shows like ‘Shall we Dance’, and that she is deliberately working towards that goal.

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However, when Nettavisen confronted her about this during the release of “Skal vi danse”, she was somewhat inferior.

– Yes, that’s right – but I didn’t really think about it. We’ll have to take this first, she said to Netavisin with a laugh, and we’ll also see where it leads.

– I have to find a new dream

According to Juner, she has put aside the idea of ​​taking up the show’s host position for the time being. At least for this fall.

The duo who is now the MC is absolutely ‘amazing’, so I don’t think this position will be open anytime soon. “I think maybe I’ll find a new dream,” she says, to a chuckle from her dance partner, Ole Thomas Hansen, 23.

For the second year in a row, Helen Olafsen (33 years old) will host “Shall We Dance” with presenter Anders Hoff (47 years old). Hoff, for his part, has led the program for the past five years with co-host Katherine Moholt, 49, who gave up last year when she herself was going to take part.

Time will tell if Joner finds a new job, but there’s no doubt that she’s thriving in the “shall we dance” circus. On Saturday, she and her dance partner Ollie topped the show’s points charts, and the duo has already been ranked as one of the favorites to win ahead of the fall season.

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Before the premiere, the couple was probably a close second, and as for Nettavisen, Joner made no secret of the fact that she was nervous before the dance premiere. Among other things, I felt pressure and scary dancing on TV.

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– I’m a little scared, to be honest. I feel the pressure is too much. I’ve been watching live TV before, but now I really feel it inside. “I’m afraid of it though I look forward to it,” she told Netavisin.

However, she didn’t feel any additional pressure from the possibilities, but more about what she expected of herself, not the least of which is the “shall we dance” judgment she fears the most.

No, it’s more internal pressure. I have certain expectations of myself. I also feel that Merete Lingjærde has certain expectations of me. So I have a little fun with it. So the goal is a good point of Meriti.

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