“Shall We Dance”: Harlem Alexander Approaches Full Fate!

“Shall We Dance”: Harlem Alexander Approaches Full Fate!

The two-week dance competition will be scheduled for a “Dream Night” for participants.


The issue is updated.

Since Fritz Annis (45) retired in September, there have been very few songs on Shall We Dance. As a result, no one was eliminated from the dance competition last Saturday.

However, the dancing couples hold the points from last Saturday into tonight’s broadcast.

Artist Regina “Mira” Tucker (28 years old) and her dance partner Jorgen Nielsen (33 years old), as well as former wrestler Stig Andre Berg (40 years old) and his dance partner Noron Ringvoll (22 years old) were the duo who finished at the bottom of the results list. , and then it will be postponed tonight.

See the list of results from last Saturday at the bottom of the status.

On Saturday evening, the stage is set for a fashion show and dancing decided by the celebrities themselves. The theme of the evening is “Dream Night.”

With only six pairs remaining, the competition is already starting to heat up.

Samba: Regina

Regina “Mira” Tucker: -I loved it

First to hit the dance floor was Regina “Mira” Tucker and dance partner Jorgen Nielsen. They chose samba dancing. The jury was divided on their opinion of the dance.

Trine Dehli Cleve from the judges’ table gave mixed reactions after the performance:

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– I’m a bit ambivalent about this. When you dance “Afrobeat” it’s great. You are all involved in everything you do. Then you move on to the basic samba game, which was very fast. There you get a little bit of it. I felt like you had some parts that were great, and some that I wasn’t completely happy with.

However, Judge Meriti Mörk Lingjerde was quite sure:

– loved it! I love that you highlight the African side of samba. We must not forget where it came from. You took me to Brazil. You are absolutely raw!

Judge’s score: 8 + 9 + 10

SLOWFOX: Stig Andre Berg (40) and Russell Otne.

Stig Andre Berg: – “Two goals”

Stig Andre Berg was surprised when he took his wife, Rosell Utne, to the floor. The choice fell on Slowfox to dance. Things escalated when Stig Andre Berg kissed his wife while dancing.

Judge Morten Hegseth was ecstatic:

– Oh my God, Russell, I love you! This was beautiful. This was very touching. It flowed like velvet. I think it’s very good at parties where you’re together. All in all – I cried. As the guys say: – “Two goals.”

Judge’s score: 9 + 9 + 8

Samba: Harlem Alexander (35) and Helen Spelling (27).

Harlem Alexander: – Very exciting!

Designer and TV celebrity Harlem Alexander wanted to return to Brazil for the “dance of his dreams.” Along with dance partner Helen Spelling, he danced samba.

Merethe Mørk Lingjærde was full of enthusiasm for the couple’s performance:

– This was pure samba, more than we had seen before in an evening. Show that you have good technique in your body. You work brilliantly, and show that you “communicate” well from toe to toe tip. But I would have liked to see you more brutal in the upper body.

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Train Daily Cliff disagreed with the fellow judge’s sarcasm:

– I thought that was great. Samba is very good.

Morten Hegseth thought the pair gave a very impressive performance:

-One of the most beautiful things I have seen from you. This was so cool and exciting!

Judge’s score: 10 + 10 + 9

Modern dance: Ulrike Brandstorp (28) and Tarje Svallastog (24)

Ulrike Brandstorp: – Incredibly beautiful

Artist Ulrikke Brandstorp and her dance partner Tarjei Svalastogs tap into modern dance. Brandstorp said she had previously been afraid of feeling alone. She dedicated the dance to her fiancé, Oscar Nordberg.

Merith Mork Lingardi did not spare words of praise:

– Now I saw you. I saw you free, authentic, dancing with your heart. Hence, authenticity is highlighted, which is so essential in modern contemporary dance. I managed to highlight all aspects. This was incredibly beautiful.

Judge’s score: 9+9+10

Cha Cha: Aslak Maurstad and dance partner Marian Sandaker.

Morstad Wires: – Revenge of the Nerds

Actor Aslak Maurstad and his dance partner Marian Sandaker danced the cha-cha. This is not an easy task, when Maurstad fell ill with Bekhterev’s disease, which he told about after the dance.

However, the duo spared nothing when they performed Rick Astley’s “I’ll Never Give You Up” — a tribute to the Internet, according to Maurstad.

Morten Hegseth liked what he saw:

– I sat and looked at this and thought: “Welcome to Revenge of the Nerds.” I felt like you were the “rick roulette” of all of Norway. There’s something about your showmanship. You’re so good at your upper body and looks, I forgot to look at your legs. There’s something about you that’s not dancing – you’re a phenomenon!

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But the performance didn’t quite live up to that. If Maurstad wants to stay in the competition, he appears to be relying on the public’s votes.

Judge’s score: 7 + 8 + 7

This is how the points were distributed last Saturday:

  • Alexandra and Ollie Thomas: 62 points
  • Harlem and Helen: 57 points
  • Ulrike and Tarje: 57 points
  • Mira and Jurgen: 56 points
  • Aslak and Marian: 53 points
  • Stig Andre and Noron: 52 points

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