Shaman Doric is a royal in some way – Dagsavisen

Shaman Doric is a royal in some way - Dagsavisen

Over 2,000 crowns, he should take home the medal that has ignited the public debate about how much new spiritual thinking we have room for in our royal house. And so your ferret role is in the spotlight once again. He has recovered from Corona, and is recommending to his followers a medal that was supposed to help him in the process. By chance, you can also buy it on their website for what we must call a hefty price.

It took many’s breath away when Princess Märtha Louise revealed that she had fallen in love with no less than a shaman. But then time passed. And maybe we’ve turned a little bit on the idea. They smile in the pictures, and Durek Verrett appears in royal contexts, without causing a scandal.

However, something is gurgling vigorously under the surface. It is not the media, or indeed most people, who contribute the most to warming or polarization. It’s the same main character. He is clearly annoyed by a lot. He believes that Norwegians who allow themselves to provoke him are racist, and that he would not have received strong reactions to his statements about how to recover if he had not been dark-skinned.

Durek Verrett isn’t the only one looking for answers outside the establishment. The new spirituality that stems from a kind of spiritual self-help culture, which is spreading internationally at the moment, can be understood as a yearning for peace and something other than a frenetic and unclear world. Finding new kinds of outlook on life and ways of living can be a positive thing, whether it’s about living less materially or just learning to breathe better, our prime minister’s son is educating people.

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But it is clearly worrisome when it is turned into a company by selling medals or other items that promise people to recover. Many also reacted when the Visjon Norge TV channel collected money from people with the promise that God would protect their children from Corona.

We should have room for people looking for answers elsewhere than in more established religions or sciences. There is a reason why people like Lilli Bendriss and Snåsamannen have become famous and favorite faces of some people in their time. We have a long tradition of believing differently if we look at our country’s history as well. But Durek Verrett’s marketing of his outlook on life and healing work appears to be something other than the warm hands of Snåsamann and Bendriss’ connection to the spirit world.

The new kind of spirituality represented by Shaman Doric pretends to be anti-capitalist, but is in fact completely commercialized. It must be challenged to a much greater extent. When Durek Verret’s view meets resistance, he turns to accusations of racism. Being subjected to racism certainly entails getting it right. But it should be possible to expect him and the royal family to deal with the controversy he chooses to create, without turning it into a being about racism.

At the moment, there is complete silence from the royal family regarding Ferrett’s behavior on social media. It’s an understandable strategy, but the question is whether it’s wise in the long run. Because he didn’t seem to have any intention of slowing down. Durek Verrett’s work is a spirit elephant in the room at the Royal House. And it doesn’t disappear by being silenced to death.

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Durek Verrett himself chose to tell on social media that he had contracted the coronavirus and that he had protested receiving healthcare. He says that he does not want chemicals in his body, and according to him he refused the offer of a respirator. He would rather use the locket mentioned earlier and heal on his own because the spirits told him he had what he needed. In other words: deal with Corona calmly until he recovers, like other people with the disease. Respirators were used with the most severe cases of illness in intensive care units. Ferret clearly didn’t need that.

When many media outlets covered Durek Verrett’s Durek Verrett Medal announcement recently, it was a good advertising channel for him. The problem is that when Ferret attacks coronavirus treatment and vaccines, he steps right into the ruins of war as vaccine opponents are constantly roaming around looking for something to protest against. He publishes his message in Mashhad with many who suffer mentally after the Corona era, with anxiety and fear of disease and aversion after all the restrictions of Corona that we have been through. It will probably reach many vulnerable people. And the only comment he makes when taking on a challenge is: “Interview the people who own one and ask them, not me.”

When Princess Märtha Louise started her angel business, he was accepted since she gave up her royal title. However, she is part of the royal family. And it will be your turn to ferret, too, in a way. It is thus problematic that they both refuse to participate in the discussion he initiates by stating their point of view about what they are capable of addressing.

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We have freedom of belief, and we are all free to believe that we were other beings in our previous lives, we can believe in angels, and if we want to believe that the locket protects against disease, no one should stop us from doing so. . Shaman Doric’s problem is not that he believes in these things. The problem is that he is using his new and ever bigger theater to spread the message that he is going to make money from it. This is nothing but pure pessimism.

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