She drove at full power during the aura. Now the show has been reduced due to the pandemic.

She drove at full power during the aura.  Now the show has been reduced due to the pandemic.

Summer routes are here to stay. Bus passengers will notice that there will be fewer departures this fall due to fewer passengers.

Many bus passengers who have just come home from vacation find that the bus is more cramped than they used to. This is especially true for roads in Viken or those driving to and from Viken.

Less bus departures 37 during the day. Bus departs every 15 minutes on Saturday for the 110 compared to every ten minutes today. Bus route 120, which runs from Nisässen in Viken to Grode, will have a new stop in Stuvener. It will no longer run from/to Grorud.

Here are some of the changes many bus passengers will experience from Monday. A full overview of the changes has been posted Ruter site.

Admittedly, most of these course changes came when the public holiday began in July. Although the summer routes previously only took a few weeks, they will also apply throughout the fall this time. The roads are called Autumn Roads.

Passengers did not attend

We encourage everyone who returns from summer vacation to familiarize themselves with the Fall Road Show before work and school start again. Sophie Brune says those who were away in July will only notice the changes now.

She is the press officer at Rotaire.

This fall, there will be fewer buses in traffic than many commuters are used to.

– She added that Rotter had made the necessary adjustments to the show after the pandemic caused the expected number of passengers to not grow.

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Bus route 37 is one of the busiest routes in the Oslo region. Today there is a bus there every four minutes during the day on weekdays. Here we will have a five-minute road ahead. Bus number 21 departs every five minutes.

– I don’t think people will notice this change very often. Because sometimes it was too close between the buses on that road. In general, I can say that we cut through the places where there are the least number of passengers, says Brun.

Some of the changes, she adds, are only related to route changes and shifting schedules.

Should save 60 million

Rotter will save an estimated NOK 60 million in cuts. This amount mainly includes discounts on Viken.

During the pandemic, you drove your car at almost full power. Why are you cutting now?

After that, he will receive a grant from the state to maintain the offer. It was important to have a good show to get people in critical professions to work. Brun replies that good presentation was also important so that the passengers had a good distance from each other.

Wouldn’t fewer departures mean fewer passengers?

Yes, we have said that before. Therefore, cuts occur where there are the fewest passengers.

It is not profitable to run empty buses

It is the municipality of Oslo and the municipality of Viken County that pay for public transport services organized by Ruter. And in Viken in particular, passengers will notice twice the width.

– We have now made changes to the route that will last until 2022. The number of passengers this fall will determine what happens next. A decision on public transport in Viken will likely be made in November or December.

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That’s what Olaf Skenes (Sp), the county councilor for transportation in Viken, says. In the worst case, the supply in Viken could weaken even more.

– We have to adjust the offer in relation to the number of passengers. It is not profitable to run empty buses. So if passengers don’t show up, there could be more cuts. If passengers return, the show will be preserved or even better, Skinnes points out.

It’s not profitable to run empty buses, says Olav Skinnes (Sp), the county councilor for transportation in Viken.

– Don’t you think bad performances will result in fewer passengers?

– We think this will happen, but we want to keep the current supply and prefer to increase it. We believe that more people will travel by public transportation when the price of the traffic ring goes up from September 1st. They can provide better public transportation service. Skinnes answers: It will be important to find a balance.

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